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8:04 AM 10/23/2023 – Putin may soon announce run in Russia’s 2024 election. Free Advice: blame Israel, Jews, and especially the Devil Incarnate Zelensky for everything: always works, especially in Russia. Time to love, and time to hate.

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 Olaf Sholz sees clearly Putin’s double game in the Gaza War 2023, and he is enraged by his hypocrisy. 

Quote: “Olaf Scholz, chancellor of Germany, has expressed his indignation and called utter shamelessness the claims of Valdimir Putin, that the war in the Middle East may lead to casualties among civilians.” 

“You watch the casualties among civilians and non-civilians in your own war against Ukraine!” That what his face conveys.


Russian President Vladimir Putin delivers a speech during an opening of the Russia-Latin America international parliamentary conference at the Pillar Hall of the House of Unions in Moscow, Russia September 29, 2023. Sputnik/Vladimir Astapkovich/Kremlin via REUTERS/File Photo Acquire Licensing RightsMOSCOW, Oct 3 (Reuters) – Russian President Vladimir…
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Germany’s Wagenknecht New Far-Left Party to Challenge Scholz  Bloomberg

World German Chancellor Olaf Scholz. REUTERS German Chancellor Olaf Scholz was forced to evacuate his plane on Tuesday night as he was about to leave Israel, due to a missile alarm at the airport. Scholz and his group of advisors were forced to evacuate their aircraft and lay on the Tarmac before being rushed to a Bomb Shelter at Ben Gurion…
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, chancellor of Germany, has expressed his indignation and called utter shamelessness the claims of Valdimir Putin, President of Russia, that the war in the Middle East may lead to casualties among civilians.Source: European Pravda with reference to the speech of Scholz in Bundestag about a wide range of subjects in the context of latest eventsQuote:…
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Scholz gets cross due to Putin’s shameless claims about war in Middle East  Yahoo News
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2023-10-23T09:50:07ZA third convoy of aid trucks entered the Rafah crossing from Egypt on Monday bound for the besieged Gaza Strip, an aid worker and two security sources said.Humanitarian deliveries through Rafah began on Saturday after wrangling over procedures for inspecting the aid and bombardments on the Gaza side of the border had left relief…
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Russia ‘Sinks’ Warship With Redut Missile As Baltic Sea Turns Into ‘NATO Lake’ With West Fortifying Defenses  EurAsian Times
British intel: Russia plans to increase military spending by 68% in …  Euromaidan Press
Vladimir Putin blindsided by Israel attack with no idea what to do next  Express

By Charles Davis. Much has been mentioned in the past few months, regarding Chechnya’s part in military operations in Ukraine. Most recently, the Institute for the Study of War (ISW) asserted Chechen Akhmat (Spetsnaz) along with a Special Purpose Force Regiment were sent into the Donetsk region. [1] ISW suggests several possible reasons for Putin’s…
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Palestinian terrorists crossed Israel’s border from the Gaza Strip (CIA Map) by land (including tunnels), sea, and air (hang gliders) to conduct surprise multipronged attacks against military and civilian targets in central and southern Israel early on Saturday, 7 October 9 (about 0630 Israeli time). Hundreds are dead and over 1,000 wounded. Hamas…
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Special Operations News – October 23, 2023  SOF News
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