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5:50 AM 10/23/2023 – Selected Articles – The News And Times: Israel Under Attack … Olaf Scholz, chancellor of Germany, has expressed his indignation and called utter shamelessness the claims of Valdimir Putin, President of Russia, that the war in the Middle East may lead to casualties among civilians.

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5:50 AM 10/23/2023 – Selected Articles – The News And Times: Israel Under Attack

Scholz gets…

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Vladimir Putin blindsided by Israel attack with no idea what to do next  Express

By Charles Davis. Much has been mentioned in the past few months, regarding Chechnya’s part in military operations in Ukraine. Most recently, the Institute for the Study of War (ISW) asserted Chechen Akhmat (Spetsnaz) along with a Special Purpose Force Regiment were sent into the Donetsk region. [1] ISW suggests several possible reasons for Putin’s…
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Palestinian terrorists crossed Israel’s border from the Gaza Strip (CIA Map) by land (including tunnels), sea, and air (hang gliders) to conduct surprise multipronged attacks against military and civilian targets in central and southern Israel early on Saturday, 7 October 9 (about 0630 Israeli time). Hundreds are dead and over 1,000 wounded. Hamas…
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Special Operations News – October 23, 2023  SOF News
Biden and Pope Francis discuss Israel-Gaza in a call  The Business Standard
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Institute for National Security Studies reveals Hezbollah’s vast arsenal of precision missiles, UAVs, and tens of thousands of fighters.
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The IDF found a USB key containing a PDF of al-Qaeda material which included instructions to behead babies, take hostages and create chemical weapons.
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Israel accuses Spain of siding with Hamas after ‘genocide’ accusation  Al Jazeera English
Another WAR Brewing! After Ukraine & Israel, South Caucasus Braces For A Full-Scale Conflict – Report  EurAsian Times
Israel-Gaza latest: Second convoy of aid trucks enter Gaza; IDF …  Sky News
Little light, no beds, not enough anesthesia: A view from the ‘nightmare’ of Gaza’s hospitals  The Associated Press
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Many Killed in Gaza Were Buried Under the Rubble. They Died Slowly and Quietly – Israel News  Haaretz
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Oil Falls as Israel Holds Off From Invasion Amid Hostage Talks  Yahoo Finance
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Treading Cautiously on Shifting Sands: An Assessment of Biden’s …  Middle East Institute
Biden Middle East Push Complicated by Saudi Arabia’s Nuclear …  Bloomberg

US voices concerns of Iranian attacks on its forces due to ground incursion, asks for time to send additional forces to the region.
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Is ‘total’ Gaza blockade a collective punishment against Palestinians?  Al Jazeera English

Putin the hypocrite – Google Search

— Michael Novakhov (@mikenov) October 23, 2023

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