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Former Mossad chief calls for stronger evidence of Hamas atrocieties


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Former Mossad chief Yossi Cohen urges patience on Gaza entry; calls for stronger evidence of Hamas atrocities Yossi Cohen, former head of the Mossad, said to N12 news that the IDF shouldn’t enter Gaza at all costs: “We need patience and not to rush to gather intelligence before a ground entry,” he said. “As someone who has overseen operations in Gaza,…
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Russian President Vladimir Putin dismissed suspicions of Russian participation in the damage to a gas pipeline between Finland and Estonia as “rubbish”. Putin claimed the incident was a distraction from what he called a “Western attack against Nord Stream”. Tensions grew as NATO provided intelligence on pipeline damage, while Russia accused the US and…
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Meshaal, who is based in Qatar, claimed it was ‘an attempt to end the Israeli occupation’ and that the conflict did not begin last week, but in 1948 – the year Israel was created.
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NYC finally cracking down on rogue Brooklyn Bridge black market  New York Post
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Blinken, in Saudi Arabia for talks, breaks with supportive comments toward Israel’s operation expressed by Austin.
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Amid tensions with Russia, UK to deploy 20,000 troops, 8 warships and more to Northern Europe  IndiaTimes
Chechen Leader Says Russian Presidential Election Should Be Postponed Or Limited To Putin As Single Candidate  Radio Free Europe / Radio Liberty

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Alert: Macron says police stopped an “attempted attack” elsewhere in France after teacher’s fatal stabbing  San Antonio Express-News
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Russian hackers attack websites of Belgian state institutions during Zelenskyy’s visit  Ukrainska Pravda
Russian hackers wanted to ‘send a message’ with ‘psychological attack’ on Royal Family  The Mirror
G7 holds almost US$300 billion of Russian assets, promises not to unfreeze them until Ukraine’s recovery  Yahoo News
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Israeli security stand in position on a road following a mass infiltration by Hamas gunmen from the Gaza Strip, near Sderot in southern Israel October 8, 2023. REUTERS/Ronen Zvulun/FILE PHOTO Acquire Licensing RightsJERUSALEM, Oct 14 (Reuters) – Israel’s military said on Saturday it killed two Hamas commanders who were behind the cross-border deadly…
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BAKU, Azerbaijan, October 14. The commander of the Hamas commando forces, Ali Qadi, was eliminated, the Israel Defense Forces said, Trend reports. Qadi was arrested after the abduction and murder of Israeli citizens in 2005, but released as part of an exchange for the captive Israeli soldier Gilad Shalit. A combined attack was carried out on…
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Azerbaijan has always contributed to the close unification of the Turkic world, Azerbaijani President Ilham Aliyev said while receiving the leader of the occupied part of Cyprus Ersin Tatar, Azerbaijani media report. Aliyev also noted that Azerbaijan “will continue to be committed to the ideas of the unity of the Turkic world.” Armenia News -…
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Antony Blinken Blinken believes Azerbaijan is preparing to invade Armenia – Politico Baku/14.10.23/Turan: Secretary of State Anthony Blinken warned a small group of lawmakers last week that his office believes it is likely that Azerbaijan may soon invade Armenia. This sensational ne …… Turan News Agency Turan News Agency –…
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Armenian President Vahagn Khachaturyan signed a law ratifying the Rome Statute of the International Criminal Court, Report informs via Sputnik Armenia.
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Watch live as US secretary of state Antony Blinken meets with Saudi leaders to discuss the deteriorating situation in Israel and Palestine. Watch more from Independent TV at: Click here to subscribe to The Independent: About The Independent: Making Change…
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Intelligence failure or not, the Israeli military was unprepared to …  Kansas Reflector

Russian invaders disperse the Black Sea Fleet, ships are transferred to Novorossiysk, Feodosia, and even Kerch.
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Ukraine gets almost $33B from G7 since war-start – Finance Minister  Ukrinform
Azerbaijan records significant decrease in poverty level – official  Trend News Agency

Israel has declared a “complete siege” of Gaza, cutting off water, food and power supplies, as Hamas militants threatened to start killing Israeli civilian hostages if the bombing of civilian areas in the enclave continued without prior warning.Palestinian militants abducted more than 100 people during a surprise multi-front attack in which they killed…
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Israel declares siege of Gaza as Hamas threatens to start killing hostages  The Guardian
How Israeli Intelligence Underestimated Hamas  Foreign Policy
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Israel set for Gaza invasion, but what next? US fears Netanyahu has no plan  Hindustan Times
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Putin warns against Israeli ground operation in Gaza Strip  TVR
Blinken and Austin bolster US support for Israel as potential ground …  Arab News
Israel drops more bombs in Gaza than US did against ISIS in a month  Business Insider
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What are the rules of war? And how do they apply to Israel’s actions in Gaza?  ABC News
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Benjamin Netanyahu Lambasted on Israeli TV: ‘We Will Never Forgive You’  Newsweek
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BBC journalists held at gunpoint by Israeli police
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Journalists hit as Israel fired at Lebanon were clearly marked as press, CNN analysis shows  CNN
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Day Seven: Russia Moves at UN | Rescue Mission Fails | Hamas …  Palestine Chronicle
Putin stresses Israel’s right to defend itself but calls for independent Palestine state  Devdiscourse
Protests in Support of Gaza Erupt Across the Mideast  The New York Times
EU opposes total siege of Gaza, says Borrell  Times of Malta
BBC journalists assaulted and held at gunpoint by Israeli police, network says  CNN
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Experts say Hamas and Israel are committing war crimes in their fight  The Associated Press
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Some Jews on the left find themselves mourning Israeli civilian victims of terror as colleagues glorify Saturday’s massacre and worries mount over what comes next for Palestinians
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Gaza “fast becoming hell hole” on “brink of collapse” amid Israel strikes: UN  Axios
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Israel says many Palestinian civilians moving south  Reuters
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Israel-Hamas War: After Gaza Strip Invasion, US Fears Lack of Strategy  Bloomberg
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Israel’s Netanyahu vows to ‘destroy’ Hamas, says Gaza offensive still in early stages  WAFF
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‘We are living a real doomsday’: Gaza residents with nowhere to …  Al-Monitor

Bodies of people missing since Saturday massacres reportedly found; documents from terrorists’ bodies detail Hamas plans for killing civilians, targeting schools, seizing hostages
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CAIRO: Israel’s call Friday for half of the Gaza Strip’s population to evacuate south is hiking Egypt’s fears of a massive influx of refugees across the heavily fortified border into its territory. Since Hamas’ bloody attack on Israel sparked a massive retaliation in Gaza, Egypt’s leadership has frantically tried to negotiate the entry of humanitarian…
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RIYADH: Saudi Arabia slammed Israel’s call for Palestinians to leave Gaza and condemned the continued targeting of “defenseless civilians,” the foreign ministry said Friday. The Israeli military warned all civilians of Gaza City, more than 1.1 million people, to relocate south within 24 hours. It had amassed tanks near the border with the…
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LONDON: A Reuters news videographer has been killed while working in southern Lebanon, Reuters said in a statement on Friday. “We are deeply saddened to learn that our videographer, Issam Abdallah, has been killed,” the statement said. Issam was part of a Reuters crew in southern Lebanon who was providing a live video signal. “We are urgently…
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NEW DELHI: Protests in support of Palestinians have been held at hundreds of sites across the southern Indian state of Kerala since the launch of heavy Israeli airstrikes on the Gaza Strip last week. Scores of Palestinian civilians have been killed every day in the bombardment following an attack on Israel by the Gaza-based militant group Hamas that…
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BRUSSELS: European Union leader Charles Michel on Friday warned that the Israel-Hamas war could create a surge in refugees heading for Europe, raising the risk of spurring on anti-migrant forces, deepening divisions and inflaming tensions between supporters of Israel and the Palestinians. “Look, if there would be more difficulties at the regional…
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Five Harvard Experts Weigh in on War in Israel and Gaza | News  Harvard Crimson
Rifts in Israel’s coalition as Ben-Gvir withholds support  The New Arab
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Iran Official Warns War Could Spread if Israel Keeps Attacking Gaza  Voice of America – VOA News
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Putin reiterates Russia’s support for an independent Palestinian state  Middle East Monitor
With all eyes on Gaza war, violence is quietly mounting in the West Bank  The Washington Post
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Netanyahu says week-long Gaza counter-offensive ‘only the beginning’  Al Arabiya English
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(89) Kremlin comments on Chechen leader Kadyrov’s statement on …  CNN
Israel-Hamas war: Gaza’s humanitarian situation explained  DW (English)
Arab states say Palestinians must stay on their land as war escalates  Reuters
Egypt, Saudi Arabia call for immediate halt to Israeli-Palestinian …  Anadolu Agency | English
Israel gives civilians in Northern Gaza 24 hours to evacuate  TODAY
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Have war crimes been committed in Israel and Gaza?  The Washington Post
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‘Extremely difficult’: What would be Israel’s objectives in an offensive into Gaza?  ABC News
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AP PHOTOS: Scenes of grief and desperation on war’s 7th day  The Associated Press
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Palestinians evacuate as Gaza braces for Israel ground attack  USA TODAY
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Israel Latest: Top US General Warns Iran to Stay Out of Conflict  Bloomberg
Experts say Hamas and Israel are committing war crimes in their fight  ABC News
Video: Protests Against Israel’s Gaza Siege Erupt Across Middle East  The New York Times
Saudi FM says important to end Israeli siege on Gaza in call with French FM  Al Arabiya English

It is now only a matter of time before Israeli forces enter Gaza, with the goal of wiping out Hamas.
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Israeli intelligence failed to warn of or avert last weekend’s Hamas strike from Gaza, but U.S. intelligence—with more than 650,000 American citizens and significant military assets at risk on the ground in Israel—also failed to warn of prospective threats.”The United States and by extension the Biden administration isn’t responsible for Israel’s intelligence…
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Arab states say Palestinians must stay on their land as war escalates  The Jerusalem Post
Israeli evacuation call in Gaza hikes Egypt’s fears of a mass exodus …  Arab News
Putin’s birthday ‘could be last’ as tyrant ‘considers going out with a bang like Hitler’  The Mirror
Blinken urges Israel to avoid civilian deaths and set up safe zones in …  The Guardian
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Russian Reactions to Hamas-Israel Conflict: From Offers of …  Russia Matters
Ramzan Kadyrov, Chechen Strategist of Russia’s Middle East Policy  Wilson Center
Statement by the President with Prime Minister Netanyahu  EEAS
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Secretary Blinken Gives News Conference with Israeli PM Netanyahu  C-SPAN
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Brooks and Capehart on the Israel-Hamas war and U.S. support  PBS NewsHour
Israel has to think long and hard how it got completely blindsided by Hamas’ surprise attacks, says former US National Security Council official  Yahoo News
Questions and Answers on Israel’s Use of White Phosphorus in Gaza and Lebanon  Human Rights Watch
Timeline: A look into the long history of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict  ABC News
Iran eyes to expand oil exports despite U.S. sanctions: minister  Xinhua
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Trump says he stands with Netanyahu after a barrage of GOP criticism for saying he ‘let us down’  WRIC ABC 8News
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Netanyahu slammed for sparking panic with very rare Shabbat address to the nation  The Times of Israel
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Opinion | Why Israel Must Reconsider Its Gaza Evacuation Order  The New York Times
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Israel-Hamas war live updates: 70 killed after convoys of evacuees in Gaza hit by Israeli airstrikes  NBC News
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‘Nowhere safe to go’: Confusion, fear after Israel’s warning to evacuate  Al Jazeera English
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Mapping the conflict in Israel and Gaza  Reuters
Israel’s call for Gaza evacuation raises fears of a mass exodus of refugees into Egypt  PBS NewsHour
As Israel wages war in Gaza over Hamas’ terror, one Palestinian tells CBS News, “They’re wiping us out”  CBS News
EU compares Hamas to Islamic State, evasive on Gaza Strip  EUobserver
Why isn’t the IRGC proscribed alongside the Wagner Group?  The Jewish Chronicle

It was the first time a prime minister has spoken to country on the sabbath since 1994, but short speech appeared mostly designed to boost morale, deflect criticism
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The how and what of the latest Israel-Hamas war  University of Colorado Boulder
Israel Prepares for Block-by-Block Warfare in Gaza  Foreign Policy
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Defense Secretary Austin due Friday; US prepares evacuation flights for its citizens  The Times of Israel
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Opinion: How to keep Iran from winning in the Israel-Hamas conflict  CNN
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Israel-Gaza conflict proves treacherous ground for US politicians  BBC
Progressives Warn of Israeli ‘Ethnic Cleansing’ in Gaza, Widening Rift With Mainstream Democrats – U.S. News  Haaretz
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Three others wounded in attack on school by Chechen-origin man who shouted ‘Allahu Akbar’; suspect had been under surveillance by French domestic intelligence
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(JTA) — The genetic testing company 23andMe is facing a class action lawsuit over its security practices after hackers stole and published data about 1 million people with Jewish ancestry.  The data breach was revealed on Friday after hackers published a database titled “ashkenazi DNA Data of Celebrities” on dark web forums. Most of the people on…
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Why Egypt isn’t allowing Gaza refugees despite Israel evacuation …  The Washington Post
Norway says total blockade of Gaza unacceptable  Anadolu Agency | English
Israel Latest: Netanyahu Vows Retaliation; Saudi Deal on Hold  Yahoo Finance
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Israel orders civilians to evacuate Gaza City  POLITICO Europe
Hamas surprise attack out of Gaza stuns Israel and leaves hundreds dead in fighting, retaliation  ABC News

Millions of Americans laughed at the depiction of the twitchy, ill-tempered mohel in the Seinfeld episode “The Bris,” which first aired 30 years this Saturday. Actor Jason Alexander, who played George Costanza, was not one of them.  In fact, Alexander revealed in a 2013 interview that the original script was even more over-the-top — so much so that…
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Did Hamas’s Attack on Israel Achieve Its Goals?  Foreign Policy
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Can Israel take out the tunnels that Hamas uses to move its fighters and weapons?  NBC News
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UN spokesman Stephane Dujarric said: “Civilians need to be protected. We do not want to see a mass exodus of Gazans.”
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New York State Gov. Kathy Hochul said, “New York’s gun safety laws apply to everyone.”
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Saudi Arabia’s de facto leader, Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman, also spoke with Iran’s president this week, signaling a retreat from the Biden administration’s efforts to isolate Iran.
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Significant part of Palestinian population in Gaza being ‘wiped off …  Anadolu Agency
Gaza Evacuation Map Reveals Difficulties in Relocating 1.1 Million People  Newsweek
The Middle East, including the Palestinian Question: Consultations …  Security Council Report
Spain’s deputy PM urges Europe to help stop ‘massacre’ in Gaza  Anadolu Agency | English
Israel conflict latest: Israel did not consult US before Gaza …  Financial Times
All 120 workers rescued after Nile cruise ship accident in Egypt  Arab News
Fire engulfs police facility in Egypt’s Ismailia  Arab News
EU opposes total siege of Gaza: Borrell – Region – World  Ahram Online
Palestinians scramble for safety as Israel pounds sealed-off Gaza …  WBAL Radio
No, Palestinians Can’t Just Leave Gaza – The Washington Post  The Washington Post
Egypt holds talks on Gaza aid, refuses civilian corridors  MyIndMakers
UK set to step up Egypt talks over opening humanitarian corridor …  inews
Israel Hamas War: Israel calls for Gaza evacuation ahead of …  WABC-TV
PA prime minister demands safe aid corridors for Gaza  Middle East Monitor
Egypt warned Israel three days before Hamas attack: senior US …  Arab News
‘The worst day’: Israeli warning prompts Palestinian exodus from …  Financial Times

LATEST DEVELOPMENTS: Hamas tells civilians to ignore an Israeli Defense Forces call for 1.1 million civilians to evacuate to northern Gaza for southern areas within 24 hours “for their own safety. The militant group also says Israeli airstrikes in the past 24 hours have killed 13 Israeli and foreign hostages. U.S. Secretary of State Antony Blinken…
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white house —  The White House echoed calls for humanitarian assistance and a corridor out of Gaza as Israel intensifies its military response to a stunning weekend attack by Palestinian militants, with the top U.S. diplomat landing in the region Thursday for a lightning round of shuttle diplomacy. Aid officials say the humanitarian needs are overwhelming,…
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Gazans are blocked from fleeing through Egypt, which has kept tight control of its border. An Israeli invasion of Gaza could test President Abdel Fattah el-Sisi’s approach.
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Egypt has discussed plans with the United States and others to provide humanitarian aid through its border with the Gaza Strip but rejects any move to set up safe corridors for refugees fleeing the enclave, according to Egyptian security sources. Gaza, a coastal strip of land wedged between Israel in the north and east and Egypt to the southwest, is…
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Those We Have Lost Those we have lost Those We Have Lost Those We Have Lost Those We Have Lost Those we have lost Those We Have Lost Those we have lost Those we have lost Those We Have Lost Those We Have Lost …
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Friday, October 13, 2023 3:48PMBROOKLYN (WABC) — City Councilmember Inna Vernikov was charged with criminal possession of a firearm after showing up to Thursday’s Brooklyn College protest with a gun visible in her hip.The councilwoman, a Ukrainian-born lawyer who represents southern Brooklyn, surrendered to the 70th Precinct with her attorney and was…
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Gaza becoming a ‘hellhole’ as Palestinians ordered to evacuateOctober 13 2023, 5.20pmAlistair Dawber, Washington | Joshua Thurston | Richard Spencer, Tel Aviv | Seren Hughes | David Harding | Oliver Wright | David Chazan, Paris | Kieran Gair | Laurence Sleator
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Former Mossad chief urges caution as Israel sets out to destroy Hamas  The Times
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Former Israeli security chief Ami Ayalon: ‘The military can defend us; it cannot secure us’  FRANCE 24 English
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Reports issued days before the Hamas attack did not foresee such a deadly strike, but did say rocket attacks were possible.
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Israel Orders Unprecedented Evacuation of 1 Million in Gaza as Possible Ground Offensive Looms
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Israel and Hamas at war after surprise attacks from Gaza Strip  The Guardian
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Israel-Gaza conflict: how could it change the Middle East’s political landscape? Expert Q&A  The Conversation Indonesia
Israel-Hamas War: Netanyahu’s Road to Declaring War  Foreign Policy
Israeli military says troops have made their first ground raids into Gaza  ABC News
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US Defense Secretary Austin Tells Israel’s Netanyahu ‘We Have …

Inna Vernikov, a Republican Jewish member of the New York City Council from Brooklyn, was arrested Friday morning and charged with criminal possession of a firearm after pictures circulating on social media showed her with a gun at her waist. The photos show Vernikov participating in a pro-Israel counterprotest of a pro-Palestinian rally at Brooklyn…
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Israelis Rush to Volunteer and Donate After Hamas Attacks  The New York Times
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Israel-Hamas war rages as Palestinian death toll in Gaza rises from attacks
Palestinians flee their homes towards southern Gaza after Israeli order  Al Jazeera English
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Trapped in Gaza, Palestinian Americans Say They Feel Abandoned  The New York Times
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IDF calls for civilians to leave Gaza is ‘a tall order’: National Security Council spokesperson  WPVI-TV
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What to Expect From an Israeli Ground Invasion of Gaza | World News | U.S. News  U.S. News & World Report
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Biden Sanctions on Iran, Russia May Lead to Higher Gas Prices for …  Bloomberg
Israeli Poll Shows Netanyahu’s Popularity Drops as Gantz Surges  Bloomberg
Hamas may have pushed Israelis into a far darker place than Netanyahu ever dreamed of  The Guardian
US Defense Secretary Austin Tells Israel’s Netanyahu ‘We Have Your Back’ After the Attack by Hamas  Military.comUS Defense Secretary Austin tells Israel’s Netanyahu ‘we have your back’ after the attack by Hamas  The Associated PressU.S. Defense Secretary: Hamas Attacks ‘Worse Than What I Saw With ISIS’  The Daily Beast

“Something there is that doesn’t love a wall/ That wants it down.”  Robert Frost was neither a military strategist nor policy wonk, but his poem “Mending Wall” captures the paradox of defensive walls. While walls are often built to defend against others, those same others almost as often find ways to bring it down — or, lacking that, to go around,…
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Putin says calls for Leningrad-style siege of Gaza unacceptable  WTVB
Russian deputy FM meets Israeli envoy to discuss Israel-Palestinian con  Al Arabiya English
Putin says civilian losses from Israeli ground operation in Gaza …  WSAU
Putin blames failure of US policy for Mideast conflict, Russia says …  SaltWire Halifax powered by The Chronicle Herald
The origins of the Gaza Strip, and the Israeli communities nestled by it  Haaretz
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Oil, gold climb amid Israeli-Hamas war, tighter Russian sanctions  Al-Monitor
Israel faces the danger of fighting on a second front  The Economist
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CIA admits 1953 Iranian coup it backed was undemocratic  The Guardian US
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Putin compares Israels unacceptable siege of Gaza with Nazi siege …  LBCI Lebanon
Israel accused of using white phosphorus in Gaza and Lebanon  The Guardian
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US Defense Secretary Austin tells Israel’s Netanyahu ‘we have your back’ after the attack by Hamas  The Associated Press
U.S. Has Seen No Proof Of Iran’s Involvement In Hamas’ Israel Attack, Blinken Says  HuffPost
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By Matt Spetalnick, Patricia Zengerle and Jeff Mason WASHINGTON (Reuters) -Despite Israeli bombardment that has brought Gaza to the brink of a humanitarian meltdown, U.S. President Joe Biden is facing
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By Huseyin Hayatsever and Tuvan Gumrukcu ANKARA (Reuters) – Turkey said on Friday that Israel’s call for Gazans to move south in 24 hours ahead of its planned ground offensive was inhumane and a
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New Delhi [India], October 13 (ANI): Responding to an email questionnaire sent by ANI on the recent Israel-Hamas war that has engulfed the Middle East region, the Iranian Ambassador to India, Iranian Ambassador to India, Iraj Elahi, distanced his country from Hamas’ recent attack on South Israeli communities along the border with Gaza. The full […]
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NYPD reiterates no credible threats Friday amid Hamas ex-leader’s call for ‘day of Jihad’  New York Post
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Экоактивисты облили краской картину всемирно известного художника Пабло Пикассо в Музее современного искусства – Культурном центре Белена в столице Португалии, сообщила газета Di rio de Not cias.

Главы стран СНГ на саммите в Бишкеке сделали совместное заявление. В нем, в частности, подчеркивается “твердое намерение соблюдать права человека и основные свободы, включая право на свободу мысли, совести, религии для всех, без различия расы, национального происхождения, пола или языка”. Также в документе есть призыв отстаивать традиционные ценности.

Переехавшие в Израиль и получившие местное гражданство россияне могут призываться в армию на общих основаниях, заявил израильский посол в России Александр Бен Цви.

Руководство Королевства Саудовская Аравия приняло решение приостановить процесс нормализации отношений с Израилем и отложить все соответствующие переговоры. Об этом со ссылкой на источники сообщило агентство Reuters.
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