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Robert Ananyan: “Russia has handed over Nagorno Karabakh to Azerbaijan, and now it is trying to seize Armenia and deprive us of our sovereignty.”


Robert Ananyan

#Russia is currently waging a brutal war against Armenia’s independence, sovereignty, and democratic future. It’s doing this through open aggression and a false propaganda war. #Russia has handed over Nagorno #Karabakh to Azerbaijan, and now it’s trying to seize Armenia and deprive us of our sovereignty.

In the coming days, Russia will increase the volume of hybrid strikes against #Armenia in order to cause internal civil conflict and bloodshed. Russia wants Armenians to kill #Armenians so that it can take away Armenia’s statehood.

Russian spokesperson Maria Zakharova has revealed that Russia is also behind Azerbaijan’s #military attack. In an interview with RT France, she said that many expectations about Nagorno-Karabakh were related to the mediation of #France and President Emmanuel Macron. “Look at what this has led to․ When Western ideology began to enter the situation, everything changed. This can be a lesson for anyone who was lean towards the West in mediation.”

In other words, #Moscow is openly saying that with Azerbaijan’s attack on September 19, it taught Armenia a lesson for lean towards the #West in mediation.

Russia needed this war so that #NagornoKarabakh and Azerbaijan could negotiate in the Russian format, not the Western one. Before this war, Nagorno #Karabakh Foreign Minister Sergey Ghazaryan was negotiating to meet with Azerbaijan in Western formats. Russia directly accused him of serving the #USA. Through the war, Russia forced Stepanakert to meet Azerbaijan in Yevlakh with the mediation of Russian peacekeepers.

With this war, Russia and Azerbaijan deprived #Stepanakert of negotiating with Baku through the mediation of the West. Days before Azerbaijan’s attack, Putin announced that he hoped that Azerbaijan would not subject Nagorno Karabakh to ethnic cleansing, and “that process” would be carried out in a soft way. At the time of Azerbaijan’s attack, Russia only expressed hope that the security of #RussianPeacekeepers would be ensured, while they themselves were obliged to provide security.

According to Russia’s plan, Armenia should have intervened in Azerbaijan’s September 19 military attack against Nagorno Karabakh. Taking advantage of that fact, the #Russian#Azerbaijani alliance should have occupy Syunik and other territories of Armenia. And according to Russia’s plan, Armenia had to turn to Moscow for help, and as a rescue price, the #Kremlin planned to demand that Armenia pay with its independence.

If Armenia resisted and didn’t ask for help from Moscow, the #Russians had “PLAN B”. They would have already demanded that Azerbaijan be given the Zangezur corridor in #Syunik, on which Russian peacekeepers should be stationed. By the way, in the initial version of the statement of November 9, 2020, there was an idea of opening a corridor through the territory of Armenia, but Armenia refused to accept this compulsion of Putin and Aliyev.

An attempt was made to capture the Russian-Azerbaijani corridor with the September 19 attack. But Armenia didn’t enter the war, and that plan wasn’t implemented. Under the pressure of Russia and Azerbaijan, the authorities of #Artsakh / Nagorno Karabakh stated in the text of their statement that an agreement was reached to remove “the remaining units and military equipment of the Armed Forces of the Republic of Armenia” from Nagorno Karabakh.

This is a testimony against Armenia, so that Azerbaijan continues its bellicose behavior already against Armenia. The next part of the Russian-Azerbaijani plan is that after the war unleashed by Azerbaijan and the occupation of Nagorno Karabakh, a large flow of people should begin from Nagorno Karabakh to Armenia. Armenia is ready to provide shelter for 40,000 families and take care of their needs.

However, I’m sure that Russia and the pro-Russian proxy forces of Armenia will try to use the emotions of people in this difficult situation to create chaos and destabilization.

Let’s hope that the people who will come to Armenia from Nagorno Karabakh in the near #future will pay attention to this factor. I think Armenian society will accept these people very well, as they are our compatriots. But let’s hope that it will be possible to provide such an environment of security and protection of rights for the Armenians of Nagorno Karabakh that they will not be forced to undergo deportation or to leave their thousand-year-old homeland. I

wrote about this terrible scenario many times before, warning that Azerbaijan was planning a military attack against Nagorno Karabakh, but unfortunately, it was not possible to prevent this war.

Russia has handed over Nagorno Karabakh to Azerbaijan, and now it is trying to seize Armenia and deprive us of our sovereignty. By the way, the Russians talk openly about this. The vice-chairman of the Russian Security Council, Dmitry Medvedev, threatened the head of Armenia, accusing him of taking steps towards the West.

Yesterday, Yevgeny Feodorov, a deputy of #Putin‘s “United Russia” party, announced that Armenia was weak and had lost.

“Azerbaijan found allies in the form of Turkey, was able to neutralize Iran, and came to an agreement with Russia. I think Armenia will gradually cease to exist as an independent state, and before that, Russia will restore its control within the borders of 1945. We will also restore our control over that territory (Armenia). Yerevan will return to its previous position, when it was part of our historical reality. There will be a governorship or something else” said Feodorov.

This is a direct and open threat from Putin’s government to Armenia. The #independence and #sovereignty of the Armenian state is at risk. Russia, the Russian peacekeepers of Nagorno Karabakh, and the pro-Russian forces of Armenia are also generating a large amount of #FakeNews for the purpose of causing chaos and destabilization.

For example, on September 20, #Russian peacekeepers invited thousands of Armenians who were displaced from their homes to #Stepanakert airport and promised to evacuate them to Armenia. But after some time, the Russian peacekeepers told them that Armenia refused to evacuate them from Nagorno Karabakh.

My contacts with some Karabakh residents in Armenia show that they went to the streets of Yerevan for protests at the request of their relatives in Nagorno Karabakh. The residents of Nagorno Karabakh, who are still in a stressful situation under the threat of Azerbaijani occupation and death, tried to find solutions in #Yerevan.

But the Russians used the emotions of my compatriots living in Nagorno Karabakh to cause turmoil in Armenia. I will never forgive Russia for creating divisions between two parts of my nation.

Pro-Russian proxies also spread false news that #Azerbaijanis entered Taghavard and other nearby villages and massacred them. That information was denied. Of course, Azerbaijan has committed many war crimes during this period, but the #news of mass massacres in Taghavard and nearby villages was a lie. Its purpose was to direct internal political upheavals to the people under war stress in Armenia.

And of course, yesterday it turned out that the Ruply media led by Margarita Simonyan is covering Armenia’s protest actions live for Azerbaijan. This is a matter of national security. According to my information, the Russian technical team providing the live broadcast appeared at the NSS and was interrogated.

I don’t want to talk about the latest domestic political events in Armenia. Everything became more obvious when Kremlin propagandists Margarita Simonyan and Vladimir Solovyov called on Armenians to join the opposition rally in Republic Square. “Meduza” media also reported that the Kremlin instructed its media outlets to blame Armenia and the West for the September 19 war. These facts prove that Russia’s goal is to destroy Armenia’s independence.

As long as Russia does not carry out more aggressive and bloody actions against Armenia, the USA and the EU countries should provide military, security, intelligence, and economic support to Armenia. The plans of Russia and Azerbaijan to destroy the statehood of Armenia must fail. Armenia’s future is with the democratic and civilized world.





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