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Unleashed puppy Elnur Enveroglu squeals again, while pooping and producing his next bunch of lies …

Lying Journo Elnur Enveroglu and his bunch of lies … 



In order to get updated of the latest situation in Armenia and Garabagh, where the separatist forces are still located, it is no longer necessary to search for the Armenian press. The Senate of the United States of America has almost become the daily newspaper of Armenia – giving fresh tiding; whatever the situation is inside, the same atmosphere exists in the Senate. There is only one issue that the voices from the Senate are more excited and more aggressive than those from Yerevan. For example, Senator Robert or simply Bob Menendez, a 69-year-old American politician, is so excited every time he stands in front of the tribune talking about Armenia that he almost drowns in his own sweat. Bob is so pro-Armenian that he would almost give the whole world a gift for Armenia. But Menendez has one thing missing; it’s that he himself can’t understand anything from what he’s talking about. Indeed, the old senate has become so emotional that sometimes he believes the lies he tells himself.

Menendez’s commitment to Armenians is as strong as Caroline Cox’s in the British Parliament. In other words, Armenian blood was injected into the blood of both old armenophiles. The only difference between the two characters is that Menendez is a bit greedy, that is, avid for money. Bob Menendez also had an interesting story in 2015 about his corruption issue in the court just because of being apt to receive bribe. The senator, who is easily lured by money or some gifts, repeatedly poked his nose into an issue he did not know deeply due to the money invested in his account from the Armenian lobbies. The fact that the senator, who has never put a step in Garabagh and has a simple understanding of the Caucasus region, presented false images to the Foreign Relations Committee just for the sake of his pre-paid work, is a clear proof of all that has been said. Although Menendez is a lawyer, he does not know the secrets of his position. Of course, without knowing the region, how can making claims from thousands of kilometers away help lobbyists pouring millions into the pockets of the corruptionists like Menendez? He just wins, because his mission is just to care about his account but not Armenians even if he vehemently shouts out words of sanctions. Who cares though? Because even though he doesn’t know anything about Garabagh, he still knows this business very well.

Thus, the situation in the United States does not directly express Washington’s position towards Azerbaijan. On the contrary, the United States tries to find a way out of such a situation at many points. First of all, the United States will never want to lose Azerbaijan, which is one of the most reliable allies of the West, and cannot directly pressure Azerbaijan even on the most critical issues related to Armenia. The final situation was actually a momentary sabotage plan from the armenianized US Senate aimed at the South Caucasus. Currently, the situation in the US Senate is complicated. Because Yerevan and the forces working to feed the separatists have put such a leash on the neck of people like Menendez that neither the US State Department nor the White House can speak out.

However, unlike them, Azerbaijan can always say its word. Because the international laws written by the West are supreme for Azerbaijan, even if they are worth the bribes they receive. No matter how hard people like Robert Menendez try to impose tough sanctions against Azerbaijan and its leadership, in the end, Azerbaijan gets what it wants. And as it happened… Although the Aghdam-Khankendi road was blocked by the separatists for a long time, in the end it was not what they wanted, but what Azerbaijan wanted.

First, they wanted to create an illusion, ostensibly there was a starvation and humanitarian crisis in Khankendi. All Armenian and pro-Armenian media outlets circulated the fabricated pictures and a term of “genocide”, the one which Menendez tried to fake at the tribune. Besides, the local residents said on social networks that the leaders of the separatist gang took away products brought by the ICRC or the Russian Peacekeepers to aggravate the situation further. However, it did not work and first, the separatists were obliged to step back and release extra meat products in Khankendi on August 20. According to the so-called statement, on September 17 they were obliged to step back a second time against internal pressure. The regime accepts that it is not always possible to provide the daily 200 grams of bread available to a citizen under the coupon system.

In general, there is only one option for separatist and lobbyists in Garabagh, Yerevan, or the Senate: to take action according to the demands and conditions of Azerbaijan. In fact, all these processes could have been resolved a long time ago. It is a fact that earlier, an agreement on the simultaneous opening of these was reached on September 1. The separatists expediently delayed this process.

Despite all their fruitless efforts, Azerbaijan’s principled position once again prevailed.

Now there is a priority for them – to end the resistance, not to rely on empty words from the US Senate and, finally, to take steps for reintegration. Because this is the only way out for the Armenian minority in Garabagh.

Elnur Enveroglu is AzerNews’ deputy editor-in-chief, follow him on @ElnurMammadli1

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Unleashed puppy Elnur Enveroglu squeals again, while pooping and producing his next bunch of lies … |… South Caucasus News | #SouthCaucasus #News | #SouthCaucasusNews Armenia – #Armenia, Azerbaijan -…

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