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Blinken visits Kyiv, hails pushback against Russia – Video Review

 Blinken visits Kyiv, hails pushback against Russia

posted at 12:55:57 UTC by Reuters via Reuters

US Secretary of State Antony Blinken visits Ukraine, says Kyiv’s pushback against Russia in the ongoing counteroffensive has accelerated

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In a speech on Wednesday, former Vice President Mike Pence raises concerns about a growing populist movement within the Republican Party, criticizing its shift away from traditional conservative values. The Morning Joe panel delves into the party’s evolving identity, the influence of Donald Trump, and challenges to democracy within the GOP.

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Donald trump ‘crushing it’ in the polls: Dave Rubin

posted at 13:18:57 UTC by Sky News Australia via SkyNewsAustralia

Recent US polling shows Donald Trump is “crushing it” despite indictments, says the Rubin Report host Dave Rubin.

“I missed the Georgia indictment, but it does not seem to affect any of his … based support,” he told Sky News host Paul Murray.

“If we’re to believe what the polls are, he’s crushing it right now.

“Right now the support just seems to not be moving or not leaving.”

What’s behind the wave of coups in Africa? | Start Here

posted at 13:17:19 UTC by Al Jazeera English via Al Jazeera English

Six countries in West and Central Africa have had coups in the last few years, with Gabon and Niger the most recent. Is there a pattern emerging? And where do France and Russia fit in? #AJStartHere with Sandra Gathmann explains.

00:50 – A wave of coups—where are they happening?
01:30 – What happened in Gabon?
01:55 – The power struggle in Niger
02:30 – What are the common coup themes?
02:35 – Governments not delivering
03:15 – The security problem
04:20 – Anti-French sentiment is growing in the region
06:00 – What role has France played in the Sahel?
07:40 – Why Russia is gaining influence
08:15 – Where does the Wagner group fit in?

This episode features:
Dino Mahtani, Independent Analyst on African Affairs
Martin Ewi, Senior Researcher, Institute for Security Studies |Pretoria
Ibrahim Yahaya Ibrahim, Senior Sahel Analyst, International Crisis Group
Ovigwe Eguegu, Policy Analyst, Development Reimagined
Adama Gaye, Political Analyst
Michael Amoah, Visiting Senior Fellow, London School of Economics

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Blinken shares McDonald’s meal with Ukrainian FM

posted at 13:23:30 UTC by TRT World via TRT World

US Secretary of State Antony Blinken and Ukrainian Foreign Minister Dmytro Kuleba shared a McDonald’s meal in Kiev on September 6 during Blinken’s visit to express Washington’s unwavering support for Ukraine amid the ongoing Russian offensive.

The Pentagon on Wednesday announced a new security assistance package worth up to $175 million for Ukraine, including depleted uranium ammunition for Abrams tanks, a move Russia denounced, calling it an “indicator of inhumanity.”

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The missile came without warning and the result was devastating.

At least 16 people have been killed, and many more seriously injured, in a missile attack on a market in Ukraine. In the terrible aftermath, rescue workers rushed to apply tourniquets and load the injured into vans.

This is one of the deadliest Russian strikes in months, and adds weight to the allegation that Vladimir Putin’s regime is deliberately targeting civilians in an attempt to break the resolve of Ukraine and its allies.

But if that’s the objective, then there’s no sign that it’s working. US Secretary of State Antony Blinken, currently visiting Ukraine, announced $1 billion in additional funding towards the war effort in a joint conference with Ukrainian Foreign Minister Dmytro Kuleba.

In an apparent policy U-turn, the US has also pledged to supply depleted Uranium shells for use in its M1 Abrams tanks, due to be delivered to Ukraine later this year.

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Russian armoured tank EXPLODES in ball of flames

posted at 13:36:17 UTC by The Sun via The Sun

MOMENT Russian armoured tank EXPLODES in ball of flames as Ukrainian forces strike from above.

This footage was released by the 72nd Mechnized Brigade and shows a tank going up in smoke. This footage has not yet been verified by The Sun.

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Vice President Kamala Harris departs Jakarta, Indonesia, following the ASEAN Summit.

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In Senate floor remarks yesterday, Sen. John Kennedy (R-LA) spoke about national security, Ukraine, and NATO.

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A retired deputy police chief spoke to 2News about why the Utah County Attorney opened an investigation into the officer-involved fatal shooting of a Provo man.

The Utah County Attorney’s Office announced they have opened an investigation into the FBI shooting that resulted in the death of a Provo man to determine if the shooting death was justified.

The FBI shot and killed Craig Robertson on Aug. 9 while investigating online threats they say he made against President Joe Biden.

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The Fatal Flaw that Doomed the Wagner Group

posted at 10:12:52 UTC by William Spaniel via Politics and History – 2023

Check out my book “What Caused the Russia-Ukraine War”: You can also read it for free by signing up for a Kindle Unlimited trial at (I use affiliate links, meaning I earn a commission when you make a transaction through them. Even if you read for free, you are still supporting the channel.)

The Wagner Group’s mutiny in June 2023 marked the beginning of the end of its leader, Yevgeny Prigozhin. Although officially pardoned for his actions, someone within Russia was actually just waiting for the right time to take him out. However, it was a decision Wagner made many years beforehand that would eventually seal their fate. This is the story of how not to structure a military organization (unless you want to make millions at the cost of your own life).

0:00 The End of Wagner
0:47 Why We Will Never Know Exactly What Happened
2:13 Why the Kremlin Kept Wagner Around
4:56 How Wagner’s Plausible Deniability Ended
5:46 Wagner’s Waning Military Capacity
7:57 Wagner’s Weak Link
9:43 Wagner’s Corporate Structure
11:28 Why Succession Plans Are Critical
13:03 How Better-Managed Organizations Deter Decapitation Strikes
14:20 Why a Simultaneous Attack Doomed Wagner
15:48 Why Wagner Put its Leadership on the Same Plane

Media licensed under CC BY 2.0 (

By Secretary of Defense:

Media licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0 (

By Ministry of Defense of Ukraine:

By Anna Zvereva:

Media licensed under CC BY 4.0 (


Michael Novakhov
#FBI FBI #Manafort#Deripaska#Prigozhin#WagnerGroup#Election2016#MassKillings #KGB #GRU Manafort used and perfected his Third World Election Algorithms in Africa, where Prigozhin used and trained his murderous troops, the “musicians”, called the Wagner Group, an allusion to Hitler’s favorite composer. The view of the United States as the Third World country, destined to fall was very common sentiment and almost official doctrine in the KGB – GRU circles; more of the rage than analysis, however. Did they try to prove this theory of America as the Third World country with the staged mass killings, as one of their intimidation tools?


#FBI FBI #Manafort#Deripaska#Prigozhin#WagnerGroup#Election2016#MassKillings #KGB #GRU

Manafort used and perfected his Third World Election Algorithms in Africa,
where Prigozhin used and trained his murderous troops, the “musicians”, called the…

— Michael Novakhov (@mikenov) September 2, 2023

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Arming against Putin – NATO in the Baltic Sea | DW Documentary

posted on Sep 02 2023 08:39:07 UTC by DW Documentary via Politics and History – 2023

The Baltic Sea was thrust into the center of geopolitics after Russia’s invasion into Ukraine. Feeling the threat from Russia, Finland joined NATO and Sweden is on the path to be next. That would put the Baltic Sea almost entirely under NATO control.

How did this Baltic frontline look in the past? The fact that the Cold War could have turned hot right here, started to fade from public consciousness after 1990. But Moscow’s aggression in February 2022 presented a stark reminder. Russia’s full-scale attack on Ukraine sent shock waves across the Baltic region. Finland is now a member of NATO, and Sweden is in the process of accession. This would turn the Baltic into NATO’s “inland sea,” in complete defiance of Russian President Vladimir Putin’s imperial aspirations.

Russian troops and Western forces are locked in constant power plays in the Baltic Sea. While Finland has been a NATO member since April 2023, Sweden’s membership has been held up by Turkey. Estonia’s government, meanwhile, is urging action. After all, people in the Baltic states are all too familiar with the looming dangers, having lived for decades under Soviet occupation.

On Russia’s Navy Day in 2022, Putin renewed the country’s claim to global naval dominance. Russia’s fleet-building program, however, appears to be stalling in the wake of the costly attack on Ukraine. But a weakened standing does not make a regime any less dangerous. Experts are not ruling out the possibility that Russia will use nuclear weapons. And here too, the Baltic Sea takes center stage.

This documentary invites viewers on an image-rich journey to scenes from this conflict. High-ranking political and military officials as well as leading experts illustrate the volatility of the Baltic Sea. In the end, there’s a prediction as to which side between Kiel and St. Petersburg will have the upper hand – the East or the West. The film examines present dangers and the consequences that could very well follow.

#documentary #dwdocumentary #NATO

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American Politics = Ukraine Catastrophe w/ Phil Giraldi

posted on Aug 31 2023 13:00:25 UTC by Judge Napolitano – Judging Freedom via Russia and Ukraine 2023

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