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Yevgeniy Prigozhin, Russian mercenary leader who became Putin foe – The Washington Post

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Germany Rants At NATO, EU; Lists Failures In Russia Policy | ‘Impossible To Stop…’  Hindustan Times
Yevgeniy Prigozhin, Russian mercenary leader who became Putin foe  The Washington Post
Synagogue unearthed in Russia may be one of the oldest outside …
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Bryan Kohberger Waives His Right to Speedy Trial  Radar Online The post Bryan Kohberger Waives His Right to Speedy Trial – Radar Online first appeared on Idaho Murders – The News And Times.
Who is Dmitry Utkin, the Wagner commander who reportedly died in …  The Hill The post Who is Dmitry Utkin, the Wagner commander who reportedly died in … – The Hill first appeared on Idaho Murders – The News And Times.
Pope warns of social media perils: relationships reduced to …  The San Diego Union-Tribune
Germany’s Scholz vows a quick resolution to his coalition government’s latest standoff  Toronto Star
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Around 2,000 artefacts including gold jewellery and gems had been stolen from the British Museum over a long period of time, but recovery efforts were already under way, the museum’s chair George Osborne said on Saturday. The museum, one of London’s most popular attractions whose treasures include the Rosetta Stone, an ancient Egyptian relic inscribed…
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EU looking at Russian crude oil reaching its market via India  The Siasat Daily
Trump Will Regret His Return to Twitter  POLITICOThe post Trump Will Regret His Return to Twitter – POLITICO first appeared on Trump And Trumpism – The News And Times.
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Since last spring, roughly 100,000 asylum seekers have arrived in New York City. This is a city of immigrants, welcoming to immigrants, built by immigrants. People who were born abroad make up a third of New York’s population and own more than half of its businesses. Yet the city has struggled to accommodate this wave of new arrivals. Migrants are selling…
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SKIP ADVERTISEMENT Charles McGonigal, once the bureau’s chief of counterintelligence in New York, still faces separate federal charges out of Washington. Charles McGonigal, the F.B.I.’s top counterintelligence official in New York, sought to enrich himself by trading on his job, prosecutors said.Credit…Jefferson Siegel for The New York Times…
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Day 549 of the Invasion of Ukraine: Kyiv attacked Russian Base in …
Maui fires also devastated a critical lifeline for neighboring Lanai  SFGATE
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Death of Yevgeny Prigozhin: How Putins chef cooked his own goose  Firstpost

Задержанный якобы следил за объектами “Хезболлы”
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Газета Guardian пишет, что генералы НАТО могли убедить Украину изменить стратегию борьбы на фоне замедлившегося контрнаступления. СМИ ссылается на неназванные источники. Как отмечает издание, на прошлой неделе некоторые высокопоставленные члены командования НАТО, включая командующего американскими силами в Европе, генерала…
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Vazhdon jehona e skandalit të ish-zyrtarit të lartë të FBI-së, Charles McGonigal, ku përmendet edhe emri i kryeministrit të Shqipërisë, Edi Rama. Dje gazeta prestigjioze amerikane “New York Times” i ka kushtuar një artikull zotit McGonigal, i cili pritet të dalë sot para gjykatës, ndërkohë që në shkrim pasqyrohen detaje, duke filluar nga miqësia…
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SKIP ADVERTISEMENTCharles McGonigal, once the bureau’s chief of counterintelligence in New York, still faces separate federal charges out of Washington.Charles McGonigal, the F.B.I.’s top counterintelligence official in New York, sought to enrich himself by trading on his job, prosecutors said.Credit…Jefferson Siegel for The New York TimesThe former…
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Former US President Donald Trump has surrendered to face criminal charges in Atlanta. The arrest represents the fourth time he has been indicted since leaving office, but it’s the first time police have taken a mugshot for official records. But will the mugshot and Trump’s surrender at jail harm him politically? We asked Reed Galen, Co-founder of the…
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SKIP ADVERTISEMENTA newly declassified American intelligence analysis says Russian spy agencies are using influence laundering techniques to hide the Kremlin’s involvement in cultivating pro-Russia and anti-Ukraine messages.The Kremlin is hoping to develop a network of young leaders who will support Russia or spread pro-Russia messages in their home…
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Russian intelligence is operating a systematic program to launder pro-Kremlin propaganda through private relationships between Russian operatives and unwitting US and western targets, according to newly declassified US intelligence. US intelligence agencies believe that the Russian Federal Security…
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The NCAA men’s basketball Final Four tips off Saturday, starting with the University of Michigan against No. 11 seed Loyola University Chicago — which earned four consecutive wins en route to becoming this season’s March Madness Cinderella story.According to historians Ed Ayers and Brian Balogh, Americans have long rooted for the underdog.Here &…
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Former President Donald Trump speaks to the media after being booked at the Fulton County jail on August 24, 2023, in Atlanta, Georgia.  Joe Raedle/Getty Images The criminal charges against former…
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Moscow demands bigger discounts from foreign firms exiting Russia  Zee Business
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Survivors of Maui’s fires return home to ruins, death toll up to 67 …  Oil City Derrick
FBI arrests Jan. 6 rioter who confessed to assaulting an officer in front of courthouse  Yahoo News
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For decades, Germany was a beacon of centrist political stability. During her 16-year leadership, Angela Merkel led a succession of grand coalitions which neutralised the political extremes, and piloted her country through an era of steady economic growth. Today, that political settlement has dissolved. Germany’s reliance on Russian gas has devastated…
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All 10 people on a jet linked to Yevgeny V. Prigozhin, the founder of the mercenary group, were killed on Wednesday, Russian officials said.
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Drone attacks in Russian territory have become more frequent as Ukraine wages a grueling counteroffensive.
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Ramaswamy’s claims he came from ‘no money’ clash with prep school upbringing  Fox NewsCNN, Politico journalists at GOP debate reportedly said Vivek Ramaswamy ‘could be our next president’  Fox NewsVivek Ramaswamy Is Not the Next Trump  The New YorkerA tale of two Ramaswamys  The HillView Full Coverage on Google News
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Wolfgang Münchau: the end of the German era  UnHerd
The Crimean Peninsula is both a playground and a battleground, coveted by Ukraine and Russia  Yahoo News

The trials look like any other criminal trial — just an order of magnitude larger and longer
Lev Parnas tells James Comer that FSB and Russian Secret Police …  Daily Kos

ShareYou may have seen yesterday’s bombshell story on sexual assaults of CIA women by their male bosses and so-called colleagues, which opened with a vivid, stomach-turning account of a woman accosted by a male officer trainee—a trainee!—in a stairwell at headquarters. In a very rare instance of a case emerging from the veil of CIA secrecy, Ashkan Bayatpour…
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Trump’s coup failed in 2021 — now it’s continuing in our courtsposted at 16:18:07 UTC via thehill.comThroughout his career, Donald Trump has been like Houdini, escaping responsibility for his actions. But as he tries to escape more than 90 felony counts in four jurisdictions, his method is obvious. He is performing again, and his judges are not amused.The…
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Trump and all 18 others charged in Georgia election case meet the …  KSTP
Georgia mugshots: Trump and all 18 co-defendants surrender in election case  Al Jazeera English
Donald Trump and 18 others indicted in Georgia election case meet the deadline to surrender at jail  PBS NewsHour
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