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The rise and fall of James ‘Whitey’ Bulger | News Review – 9:38 AM 7/30/2023

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from The FBI News Review.

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In 1975, James J. “Whitey” Bulger, a notorious Boston gangster and member of the powerful and deadly “Winter Hill” organized crime gang, [1] met with a Boston FBI agent and agreed to provide information about Winter Hill’s primary competitor in crime, the Boston La Cosa Nostra (LCN).

This arrangement proved fruitful for the FBI because Bulger and his Winter Hill gang associate, Stevie Flemmi, already a long-time FBI informant, provided information over several years that assisted the FBI in dismantling, in separate time periods, two leadership tiers of the Boston LCN. Among those convicted was Raymond Patriarca Jr., the boss of the New England LCN based in Providence, Rhode Island. [2]

Bulger also informed his FBI handler that Angelo “Sonny” Mecurio, a made member of the Boston LCN was disgruntled and ripe to become an informant. Mecurio subsequently became an informant and in October 1989 provided the FBI with the historic opportunity to bug an actual LCN new member induction ceremony. [3]