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Selected Articles Review at 11 a.m.

created by Michael Novakhov  •  Jul 30 2023

Selected Articles Review at 11 a.m. Daily
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In 1975, James J. “Whitey” Bulger, a notorious Boston gangster and member of the powerful and deadly… 1h

Russians Fear the Worst Is Yet to Come, New Polling Indicates  U.S. News & World Report
putin – Google News 1h

Putin reviews show of Russian naval might  Reuters
putin – Google News 1h

Putin’s war hits home: Moscow rocked by triple drone strike as …  LBC
putin – Google News 1h

Opinion | The GOP pays a price for its extremism. But Biden does, too.  The Washington Post
“Biden” – Google News 1h

Secretary Antony J. Blinken With Amelia Adams of 60 Minutes …  Department of State
“Putin and Xi Jinping” – Google News 1h

Joe Biden, America’s oldest sitting president, needs young voters to win again. Will his age matter?  The…
“Biden” – Google News 1h

Orthodox Jewish community in Brooklyn, NY is plagued with mental health and drug addiction problems due…
The News And Times 1h

 The News And Times Blog Orthodox Jewish community in Brooklyn, NY is plagued with mental health and…
The News And Times 1h

Germany’s Far-Right Jumps to Record Support as Scholz Slumps  Bloomberg
“Biden – Scholz” – Google News 1h

2023-07-30T11:46:37ZRussia’s Defence Ministry said it had brought down three Ukrainian drones early on…
Reuters 1h

Former President Donald Trump took aim at President Joe Biden and Republican presidential rival Ron DeSantis…
Reuters 1h

Antisemitic Report; U.S. Antisemitic Incidents Increased By 10% In …  The Florida Star
“incidents” – Google News 1h

Four dead and 11 injured after multi-vehicle accident on the N1 north near Montana  Rekord East
“accidents” – Google News 1h

Flight attendant Natalie Rader says it’s gross to wear just your socks to the bathroom.Natalie Rader…
Business Insider 1h

A federal court in Florida tossed former President Donald Trump’s lawsuit seeking $75 million in compensatory…
19FortyFive 1h

Hacktivism: We must urgently raise our game in cybersecurity  Nation
cybersecurity – Google News 1h

The chance of Trump winning another term is very real  CNN
“election 2016” – Google News 1h

Former president and current deputy chairman of Russia’s Security Council, Dimitry Medvedev, said that… – Homepage 1h

Бахмутское направление остается одним из самых горячих на фронте. Украинские военные продвинулись в районе…
24 Канал – Все новости 1h

Interview: Is Putin A Modern-Day Tsar?  Radio Free Europe / Radio Liberty
“chechens in ukraine war” – Google News 1h

Vice President Kamala Harris hit out at ‘extremist’ Republicans as she opened the annual NAACP conference….
Reuters 1h

NPR News: 07-30-2023 9AM EDT
NPR: Hourly News Summary Podcast 1h

African and Chinese peace initiatives are “impossible to implement” at the moment, Russian leader says.
Opinions Review 1h

AP correspondent Laurence Brooks reports on Russia Ukraine War Drones.
AP Audio Wire 1h

CIA Director William Burns: Putin is ‘the apostle of payback’  Boise State Public Radio
“general. gerasimov” – Google News 2h

Is Putin stronger or weaker after the failed Wagner rebellion?  London School of Economics and Political…
“Valery Gerasimov” – Google News 2h

Wagner rebels ‘only a door away from getting to Putin’s NUKES’ as frantic truce with mutinous warlord…
“Valery Gerasimov” – Google News 2h

Более 100 наёмников прибывшей в Беларусь из России ЧВК “Вагнер” выдвинулись к границе с Польшей, заявил…
euronews (на русском) 2h

British Defence Intelligence Update Ukraine 29 July 2023  Kyiv Post
“Intelligence” – Google News 2h

Trump shares stage with Republican rivals amid mounting legal woes  Al Jazeera English
trump – Google News 2h

В ночь на 30 июля в Москве прогремели мощные взрывы. Российские пропагандисты заявили, что под атакой…
24 Канал – Все новости 2h

Opinion: Ukraine’s Deliberate Push to Secure Victory  Kyiv Post
“german intelligence” – Google News 2h

Russia-Ukraine War: Putin’s statement after the drone attack on Moscow – ‘We are ready for war with NATO’  Zoom…
“ukraine and nato” – Google News 2h

Biden left Europe in a jubilant mood, fresh off essentially welcoming Sweden into the alliance and… 3h

Russia jails two alleged Ukrainian intelligence agents for 15 years  Yahoo News
“russian military intelligence” – Google News 7h

Biden declares victory over Putin, as challenges mount in Ukraine  POLITICO
“ukraine neutrality” – Google News 7h

Russia In The Black Sea. The Law Of Armed Conflict At Sea Needs …  Human Rights At Sea
“ukraine neutrality” – Google News 7h

Russia says a Ukrainian drone was shot down outside Moscow  Washington Times
“russia in the washington post” – Google News 7h

Russian MoD says Ukraine drone attack in Moscow City thwarted  Al Mayadeen English
“russia in the washington post” – Google News 7h

Trump faces additional charges in Mar-a-Lago classified documents case  FOX 13 Tampa
“Mar-a-Lago” – Google News 7h

Trump Tried To Erase Mar-A-Lago Surveillance Tape, Feds Say  Law360
“Mar-a-Lago” – Google News 7h

Trump faces new charges in Mar-a-Lago documents case  NewsNation Now
“Mar-a-Lago” – Google News 7h

Russia blames Ukraine for early morning drone attacks on Moscow – live  The Independent
“kyiv” – Google News 7h

NYPD to consider encrypting police radio transmissions citywide  Gothamist
“nypd” – Google News 7h

Russian officials say such attacks would be impossible without Western aid to Ukraine; security guard…
The Times of Israel 7h

Three Ukrainian drones downed over Moscow, shutting airport …  The Times of Israel
“electronic warfare in Ukraine war 2022” – Google News 7h

Russian officials say one person has been injured after two drones crashed into offices
BBC News 7h

Three Ukrainian drones downed over Moscow, shutting airport, damaging buildings  The Times of Israel
“Israel and Russia- Ukraine war 2022” – Google News 7h

New York City Had a Migrant Crisis. It Hired a Covid Expert to Help.  The New York Times
“COVID” – Google News 7h

Смотрите прямую трансляцию из Санкт-Петербурга, где проходит парад в честь Дня Военно-морского флота…
Комсомольская Правда 7h

Рано утром три беспилотника попытались атаковать Москву. Один из них сбили в Подмосковье, еще два подавили…
Комсомольская Правда 7h

US govt in possession of UFOs, ‘non-human’ beings, claims former intelligence official  ThePrint
“Intelligence” – Google News 7h

Ukrainian Armed Forces announces successful strike on Chonhar …  msnNOW
“kherson” – Google News 7h

July 25, 2023 – Russia-Ukraine news  CNN
“Intelligence Assessments of Russia Ukraine War 2022” – Google News 7h

Fired up Trump slams Biden as a ‘dumb son of a b****’ while mid-rant about immigration policy at Pennsylvania  Daily…
“Biden” – Google News 7h

Путин: ВСУ остановлены и отброшены на всех направлениях  BFM.RU
“путин” – Google Новости 7h

President Vladimir Putin on Friday accused NATO member Poland of having territorial ambitions in the…

President Vladimir Putin on Friday (July 28) repeated Russia’s position that it was ready for negotiations…

FBI Cyber Division Senior Executive Joins BRG’s Cybersecurity and Investigations Practice  Benzinga
“Counterintelligence Investigations” – Google News 7h

Ukraine shows off a sea drone that can wipe out Russian ships and is ‘faster than anything in the Black…
“Ukraine” – Google News 7h

Autistic man found safe after car stolen in Brooklyn while he was in backseat  New York Post
“brooklyn news” – Google News 7h

Germany’s Chancellor Scholz says social media bubbles a ‘curse …  Saudi Gazette
“scholz” – Google News 7h

Nicolas Petro, son of Colombian President Gustavo Petro, speaks at the Atlantic Assembly in Barranquilla,… 17h

A Russian fighter jet collided with a U.S. military drone over the Black Sea today, causing the… 17h

Wagner fighters arrive in Central Africa: Russian security group  Arab News
“German and Russian Intelligence Services” – Google News 22h

Putin appeared paralyzed and unable to act in first hours of rebellion  The Washington Post
“CIA Director William Burns in Moscow” – Google News 22h

Russia’s war in Ukraine: Live updates  CNN International
“Russia-Ukraine war” – Google News 22h

SPECIAL ANALYSIS: Countering Xi Jinping’s China: An Existential …  America First Policy Institute
“CIA Director William Burns in Moscow” – Google News 22h

Early Edition: July 24, 2023  Just Security
“CIA Director William Burns in Moscow” – Google News 22h

Putin warns Poland against ‘unleashing aggression’ against Belarus  The Guardian
“CIA Director William Burns in Moscow” – Google News 22h

British SAS ‘leads’ the advance towards the Crimean Peninsula  Bulgarian Military
“Air Superiority Over Ukraine” – Google News 22h

Biden names CIA Director William Burns as a member of his Cabinet  PBS NewsHour
“cia” – Google News 22h

CIA Director William Burns: Putin is ‘the apostle of payback’  SDPB Radio
“cia” – Google News 22h

Germany: Far-right AfD picks EU election candidate  DW (English)
“German and Russian Intelligence Services” – Google News 22h

The perils of the great age of global incoherence  The Australian Financial Review
“CIA Director William Burns in Moscow” – Google News 22h

Russia in Review, July 14-21, 2023  Russia Matters
“CIA Director William Burns in Moscow” – Google News 22h

Ukraine’s counteroffensive lurches forward: Key moment looms as …  Kyiv Independent
“Russians halt their offensive in Ukraine” – Google News 22h

Zelensky: Special Operations Forces inflict particularly tangible blows on Russian terrorists  Ukrinform
“zelensky” – Google News 22h

Paris 2024: The war in Ukraine shows no sign of ending. That leaves a dark cloud over the Olympic Games  CNN
“Russia-Ukraine war” – Google News 22h

Ukraine war latest: Kyiv says soldiers will enter Crimea ‘soon’; Wagner boss gives interview; Russian…
“Russia-Ukraine war” – Google News 22h

Zelensky vows ‘retaliation’ for destruction of historic church in Odessa  Yahoo Finance
“zelensky” – Google News 22h

Zelensky visits soldiers near front line in Donetsk Oblast  Yahoo News
“zelensky” – Google News 22h

Ukraine’s NATO membership would be bad for Putin, but great for the Russian economy, professor says  Yahoo…
“Russia, Ukraine, Nato” – Google News 22h

Putin Ally Helping Enemy Ukraine? Zelensky’s Men Attack Russian Forces With North Korean Rockets  Hindustan…
“zelensky” – Google News 22h

Instead of obtaining a warrant, the NSA would like to keep buying your data  Ars Technica
“US Intelligence Community” – Google News 22h

Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) lists the tactical goals of psychological warfare (PSYWAR) or psychological…
Google Alert – “central intelligence agency” or cia 22h

In the Central Intelligence Agency’s first public podcast, you will. Let us be your guides around the…
Google Alert – “central intelligence agency” or cia 22h

Washington. Recently, U.S. President Joe Biden announced the nomination of Central Intelligence Agency…
Google Alert – “central intelligence agency” or cia 22h

With Hunter Biden facing a possible ten years in jail for his gun charge felony, speculation is growing…
19FortyFive 22h

The larger issue is that the Bidens do not behave in a responsible manner. Raising a dog requires time…
19FortyFive 22h

Granting Vladimir Putin and Xi Jinping Nuclear Superiority and the …  RealClearDefense
“Avril Haines” – Google News 22h

Azerbaijan restricts inappropriate use of radio electronic equipment  AzerNews.Az
“Counterintelligence” – Google News 22h

Is there a way to get Russia to pay for the war?  The Week
“russia-ukraine war” – Google News 22h

Ukrainian intelligence: Saboteurs blow up warehouse in occupied Crimea  Kyiv Independent
“Intelligence” – Google News 23h

US intelligence report says China giving Russia military tech, aiding in sanctions evasion  Reuters
“Intelligence” – Google News 23h

Zelensky Says Visiting Positions Of Ukraine Special Forces Near Bakhmut  Barron’s
“zelensky” – Google News 23h

5 deadliest Western-provided weapons Ukraine is using to fight Russia  Business Insider
“weapons for ukraine” – Google News 23h

Russia Strikes Ukrainian Ports With Onyx Anti-Ship Missiles: How …  Kyiv Post
“weapons for ukraine” – Google News 23h

Ukrainian air defenses in Odesa outgunned as Russia targets global grain supply  AOL
“hostomel airport” – Google News 23h

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