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Selected Articles Review at 11 a.m.

created by Michael Novakhov  •  Jul 27 2023

Selected Articles Review at 11 a.m. Daily
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The deliberations in the Knesset Finance Committee took a personal earlier this month when lawmakers… 1h

Credit: Alexander Spatari via Getty Images American Jews tend to be more highly educated and politically… 1h

Tim Scott sparks fresh GOP interest as DeSantis stumbles  The Hill
“Donald Trump and GOP” – Google News 4h

Hunter Biden pleaded not guilty to the charges against him when a Delaware judge deferred the new, “more…
NewsNation Now 4h

Long before Rex Heuermann’s arrest, detectives had looked at the possible ties between Long Island’s…
NewsNation Now 4h

Kyiv launches a major push against Russian forces, officials and analysts say  Yahoo News
“Ukraine” – Google News 4h

Member of white supremacist prison gang convicted of murder  KOKI FOX 23 TULSA
“FBI is a criminal gang” – Google News 4h

Jewish man stabbed in Crown Heights, New York attack on Shabbat  The Jerusalem Post
“Brooklyn NY 11214” – Google News 4h

Doctor’s receptionist who stole more than $44,000 from unsuspecting patients arrested: Police  ABC News
“police” – Google News 4h

McCarthy, House GOP tiptoe toward Biden impeachment inquiry  The Washington Post
“Donald Trump and GOP” – Google News 4h

Donald Trump wants to see Biden impeached, and other …  The Review
“Donald Trump and GOP” – Google News 4h

Six people were injured in New York City when the top portion of a construction crane caught fire and…
Reuters 4h

GoodModerateUnhealthy for sensitive groupsUnhealthyVery UnhealthyHazardousShare: ” Air Pollution in Brooklyn:… 16h

FALLS CHURCH, Va. (AP) — A federal judge on Tuesday vacated the military conviction of Bowe Bergdahl,… 17h

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