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Selected Articles Review at 11 a.m.

created by Michael Novakhov  •  Jul 23 2023

Selected Articles Review at 11 a.m. Daily
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World War II was one of the most catastrophic periods in human history, marked by unprecedented violence,… 1h

Who polices the police? Public hearing on oversight for Monterey …  Voices of Monterey Bay
“Sexual harassment in FBI” – Google News 3h

Wagner mutiny: Junior commander reveals his role in the challenge to Putin  BBC
“russia-ukraine war” – Google News 3h

Будапештский меморандум – гарантия безопасности Украины. Заседание СОВБЕЗа. Ходорковский. Шендерович….
borovonovodvo 3h

Что Путин сказал про потери ВСУ во время контрнаступления …  Фонтанка.Ру
“путин” – Google Новости 3h

Владимир Путин прокомментировал рекордные потери ВСУ западных танков и БМП за минувшие сутки  Кубанские…
“путин” – Google Новости 3h

Путин объяснил, почему выходит к людям, несмотря на карантин. Видео  URA.RU
“путин” – Google Новости 3h

Путин: ВСУ потеряли более 26 тысяч человек | ИА Красная Весна  ИА Красная Весна
“путин” – Google Новости 3h

Extreme weather is threatening California’s dams. What happens if they fail?
The New York Times 3h

Turkiye intelligence agency kills PKK’s mastermind of 2021 forest fires  Middle East Monitor
“Intelligence” – Google News 3h

The Russian attack comes hours before Putin is to meet with Belarusian President Lukashenko.
Opinions Review 3h

Russia, NATO Positioned For Clash Over Black Sea Amid Putin’s ‘Blockade’ On Ukraine Authored…
Zero Hedge 3h

NYPD Granting Fewer Gun Permits After Supreme Court Ruled It …  THE CITY
“NYPD” – Google News 3h

Ukrainian forces are biding time in counteroffensive to thin Russia’s …  Milwaukee Independent
“Russians halt their offensive in Ukraine” – Google News 3h

Monkeypox: A Re-Emerging Zoonotic Disease  Fagen wasanni
“2022 monkeypox outbreak” – Google News 3h

Former Ukrainian Presidents Since Russian Invasion: Stepping Up …  Worldcrunch
“russia-ukraine war 2022” – Google News 3h

Igor Girkin’s Arrest Points to Kremlin Power Struggles  Newsweek
“wagner group ukraine” – Google News 3h

В ніч на 23 липня внаслідок чергової ракетної атаки Росії в Одесі було зруйновано Спасо-Преображенський…
Русский Мир 8h

Russia-Ukraine war news: Kremlin launches deadly strikes on Odessa  The Washington Post
“kherson” – Google News 8h

The document said the FBI had searched using the surnames of a US senator and a state senator “targeted…
Google Alert – fbi 8h

Everyone wants a piece of Russian president Vladimir Putin. Vira Chernukha, defiant amid the ruins of… 8h

Putin has become a global bogeyman. Russians must exorcise this ghoul  The Guardian
“Russian Mob” – Google News 8h

Published On 23 Jul 202323 Jul 2023A Russian missile attack on the Ukrainian port city of Odesa has killed… 9h

In Odesa, one person was killed and 22 people, including four children, were injured in yet another enemy…
Latest news – UkrInform 9h

Officials say air attack wounded 19 people, including several children, and severely damaged Odesa’s…
Al Jazeera English 9h

Russia attack on Ukraine’s Odesa kills at least 1, ‘destroys’ Unesco cathedral  South China Morning Post
“Odessa” – Google News 9h

Zelensky asked Stoltenberg to convene Ukraine-NATO council  Al Mayadeen English
“Nato and Russia” – Google News 9h

This June was the hottest on record, and July is expected to be even hotter.
Al Jazeera English 9h

I live in Kyiv and if your readers are under the impression that this Nato summit was a bit dysfunctional,… 9h

Vladimir Putin has reinforced his National Guard with its own elite special forces unit, as well as… 20h

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