Gay Links – All Posts: Nick Faldo’s heroic return saves The Open Championship broadcast as fans were ‘throwing middle fingers’

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Open Championship, Nick Faldo
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Nick Faldo attempted to save the coverage once he joined the Open Championship’s NBC broadcast, briefly coming out of retirement.

Golf broadcasts have been missing something, and it was Nick Faldo. The British legend briefly came out of retirement to join the NBC broadcast team for the Open Championship on Thursday.

The television broadcasts haven’t been the same since Faldo left. There is something about the Brit calling golf that just feels right.

The Open Championship broadcast was lacking early in the morning. There was no fire, and the lack of shot coverage was noticeable. Hundreds of fans showed their distaste for what USA and Peacock did.

From the various media entities to golf fans waking up extremely early to watch the coverage, very few enjoyed what they witnessed.

Woke up early to watch a bit of @TheOpen. Pulling for Fleetwood this week. Home is special place to win!! But is it just me or is there an enormous amount of long commercial breaks ?? @USANetwork

— Hugh Freeze (@CoachHughFreeze) July 20, 2023

In their most impressive feat yet, they managed to show one shot between a Playing Through segment and a full commercial break.

ONE SHOT! I’m not even mad, I’m genuinely impressed with how hard they’re throwing middle fingers at us.

— No Laying Up (@NoLayingUp) July 20, 2023

What’s everyone’s favorite Open commercial and why

— claire rogers (@kclairerogers) July 20, 2023

8:51 – playing through
8:57 – playing through
9:05 – commercial
9:10 – playing through

This is borderline unwatchable @NoLayingUp

— Austin Render (@AustinRender) July 20, 2023

@USANetwork are you guys kidding with this Open Championship coverage? Right now it’s about ten commercials per golf shot. There’s been at least as much coverage of tourists at the Beatles statues as golf. Ridiculous.

— metlman (@metlman) July 20, 2023

Not many people had nice things to say about the broadcast, which was understandable. It was flat out terrible.

The lack of golf shots shown is the biggest mistake made. Going to a commercial after a couple of “live” looks isn’t what the fan wants. When someone is waking up at 3 a.m., they want to see as many golf shots as possible.

At least this next guy appreciates Faldo’s return. His knowledge of the game and quick wit made the golf coverage much more enjoyable.

I love this duo.

Mike Tirico and (Welcome Back) Sir Nick Faldo covering The Open Championship.

Never mind that Faldo was paired longtime with Jim Nantz (another consummate professional).

To quote the late Stuart Scott, this duo is as “cool as the other side of the pillow.”

— R2S (@Ryno_Report) July 20, 2023

His return to the broadcast team could save whatever atrocious broadcast coverage happens at Royal Liverpool. It isn’t the venue’s fault or the R&A’s, but a lot has been lacking. The broadcast has not been good from misinformation, lulls in the coverage, and too many commercials.

Plain and simple, fans deserve better.

The former Claret Jug winner retired last August at the Wyndham Championship after 16 years in the booth.

Faldo turned 66 on July 18 and has been enjoying his retirement in Montana. This return may not last outside of this week, but having his voice on television again made The Open that much better.

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