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Queerty: Ben Platt opens up about being “coaxed” out of the closet by his best friend at 13

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Ben Platt wearing a printed polo shirtBen Platt

We were doing How to Succeed [in Business Without Really Trying], and we were like, 12 or 13. And she was like, “Who do you like? You have to like someone in the show.” And I’m like, “I’m gay.” And she was like, “oh,” and then just kind of ran to everybody in our show, who most of them probably already assumed or knew. And then from that point forward, we just moved on, as friends. But she kind of coaxed it out of me.

She definitely had a crush on me, she will admit. And I thought I did too. Because when you’re a young gay kid, and you’re obsessed with your girl best friend, you’re like, “This must be what it means when you like someone.” 

But ultimately, I was very gay, unfortunately. And also fortunately. And Molly [Gordon] had to have an adjustment period of getting over that, which began with her telling everybody that I was gay. And then we moved forward as friends. But yes, I think the love began as sort of like a puppy love and then transformed into a friendship.

Ben Platt telling Rolling Stone how his Will & Grace-style friendship with Theater Camp director and co-star Molly Gordon first began as teens at camp.


Ben Platt opens up about being “coaxed” out of the closet by his best friend at 13

Platt and his ‘Theater Camp’ co-star/director Molly Gordon are a real-life ‘Will & Grace.’

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