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Dragaholic on Queerty: A ‘Drag Race’ queen has started a smear campaign against her sisters and it’s hilariously shady

Image Credit: ‘RuPaul’s Drag Race,’ World Of Wonder

RuPaul’s Drag Race All Stars 8 may be in its final stretch, but the Fame Games are just heating up.

*Spoilers ahead for the latest All Stars 8 episode, “The Fame Games Variety Extravaganza.”*

All season long, we’ve been hearing about the “game within a game” that gives eliminated queens a chance to win a $60,000 prize and be named Queen Of The Fame Games, as voted on by the fans.

Ostensibly an opportunity for queens to show off the fierce runway looks they had prepared for the competition, the format ultimately amounts to a popularity contest—not unlike when Miss Congeniality was decided by fan-vote (which promptly ended when Season 9’s Valentina won the title during the very reunion she feuded with half her cast mates).

Of course, as Drag Race is wont to do, they threw a wrench into things this week by bringing back all of the All Stars 8 eliminees (sans Heidi N. Closet—we miss you, girl!) to compete in “The Fame Games Variety Extravaganza,” awarding the winner of the challenge and lip sync a multiplier for their total Fame Game votes.

With that final twist out of the way, the polls are now open—through 12pm PT Monday, July 17— to vote for your favorite.

You better vote! ?? Voting for Queen of the Fame Games is now open!

Let your voice be heard by July 17 at 12am PT / 3am ET before the winner is announced at next week’s grand finale ? #AllStars8

— RuPaul’s Drag Race (@RuPaulsDragRace) July 14, 2023

As Ru has said since the beginning of the season, queens are welcome to post any additional content they’d like on social media to bolster their chance to win—and one of them is taking that to heart in the shadiest way.

In other words, the Fame Games are on and the gloves are off.

So, which RuGirl is hungry enough for the Fame Games crown to throw her sisters under the bus? Why, it’s none other than America’s Sweetheart, Darienne Lake!

The beloved New York queen made it all the way to the Final Four in her original Season 6, but, despite a proper All Stars glow-up, never got a fair shake this time around. So, she’s taking matters into her own hands by tweeting hilarious takedowns of her competition to justify why she deserves your vote.

Thinking about voting for Monica Beverly Hillz since she was sent home first? Think again! As Darienne points out, Monica has never once re-worn one of her sickening looks—ever heard of reducing, reusing, and recycling? Greta Thunberg would be disappointed!

Well… I haven’t seen @MonicaBHillz in any of the outfits since the show. All new looks. Which means she doesn’t recycle. Vote for me, I care about our planet, I’m Darienne Lake, and I approve this message. #smearcampaign

— Darienne Lake (@dariennelake) July 14, 2023

And how about sickening showgirl Kahanna Montrese? Investigative reporter Darienne Lake reminds us that she’s already on the payroll of RuPaul’s Drag Race Live in Las Vegas, which means a vote for her here is *gasp* insider trading! Rigga morris, girl!

She already has a job working for RuPaul’s drag race live in Vegas. Sounds like insider trading to me. What’s the truth, @Kahannamontrese? Showgirl? More like, show-your-tax-returns, girl. Darienne Lake and I approve this message. #SmearCampaign.

— Darienne Lake (@dariennelake) July 14, 2023

And how could you possible justify a vote for Naysha Lopez, when she’s already nabbed the ultimate prize: A super hot boyfriend!?

Have you seen @NayshaLopez’ boyfriend? She’s won enough in life. Vote for me for queen of the game games. I’m Darienne Lake, and I approve this message. #smearcampaign

— Darienne Lake (@dariennelake) July 14, 2023

Mrs. Kasha Davis? Already living the dream! Jaymes Mansfield? Single-handedly destroying the ozone layer! LaLa Ri? She’s after your organs! Alexis Michelle? Operating a vehicle without a proper license! And Jessica Wild? She’s already won $35k throughout the season—why make the rich richer?

As for Darienne, well, she makes quite a compelling argument as to why she deserves your vote:

I’m promising sexual favors to all who vote for me. As a favor to you, I won’t have sex with you.

— Darienne Lake (@dariennelake) July 14, 2023

Who’s Most Likely To Win The Fame Games?

In all seriousness, the competition is fierce AF, and it’s anyone’s guess as to who could win. And while the actual All Stars crown is still up for grabs (Jimbo’s four Maxi Challenge wins makes her the clear frontrunner—though you’d have to be a fool to doubt Kandy Muse), there’s some real potential for surprise with The Queen Of The Fame Games.

So, who are our frontrunners here? Let’s run down our five biggest contenders:

Jaymes Mansfield

First-eliminated in her original season, Jaymes came back to All Stars with something to prove, and she did just that. She’s had a very vocal fan base since before the season started so you know they’ll mobilize, and winning this week’s challenge plus tying the lip sync earned her a 2x multiplier for the vote, which is a huge boost!

LaLa Ri

But Jaymes shared this week’s win with LaLa, whose spin on the wheel earned her a 3x vote multiplier, which is going to be major for this well-loved queen. And, really, who can resist the charms of The LaLa Ri Experience? Her All Stars run only further solidified her as one of the show’s most entertaining entertaintresses ever.

Kahanna Montrese

An early out in Season 11, Kahanna came back to the competition an entirely new person (and, no, we’re not referring to the work she’s had done!), more confident in her drag and abilities as a performer—and isn’t that what All Stars is all about? And you really can’t deny the polish and panache of her complete runway package.

Jessica Wild

Ultimately landing in 3rd (just shy of the finale) means Jessica’s had more time to win the fans over—but she had us hooked from the second she strutted into the Werk Room. Though she first competed over a decade ago, she’s reminded us why she’s one of most effortlessly talented queens in Drag Race herstory. (And odds-makers take note: The Drag Race tweet about voting for her is getting way more engagement than any other).

Darienne Lake

And, last but not least, Darienne really stepped up her fashion game in a big way. Week after week, she’s showcased some of the most surprising runways—from the gorgeous RuVeal Yourself bridal gown to the camp-tastic Snow Bunny look. If she keeps up the hysterical smear campaign, she could have this one in the bag.

You can vote for RuPaul’s Drag Race All Stars 8’s Queen Of The Fame Games right here, now through 12pm PT on Monday, July 17.

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