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Queerty: Which straight actor just described Zachary Quinto as a “hunk of sexual charisma”?

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Zachary QuintoZachary Quinto (Photo: Shutterstock)

Actor Zachary Quinto delighted fans by returning to Instagram yesterday after a nearly three-year hiatus. His last posting before this was in December 2020.

Posting a selfie, Quinto, said, “After a long (and enjoyable) hiatus – I am wading back into these choppy waters. As a wise man once said: ‘Nowadays the world is lit by lightning.’ No sense trying to find my way by candlelight. Here’s to looking ahead with light and love. En avant.”

‘En avant’ is French for ‘ahead’.

Among those to respond to the photo was fellow actor Simon Pegg. The British actor, currently starring alongside Tom Cruise in the new Mission Impossible movie, featured alongside Quinto in the Star Trek movies. Pegg played engineer “Scotty”.

Pegg, who is straight, quipped, “Look at this hunk of sexual charisma!!!🤤❤

Simon Pegg responds to Zachary Quinto on Instagram(Screenshot)

Matt Bomer posted love-heart-eye emojis (😍😍😍), while Andrew Rannells said, “You little dreamboat. 😍”. Lukas Gage, who will soon be seen alongside Quinto in the comic movie, Down Low, commented, “She’s the moment”.

It’s unclear what prompted Quinto to withdraw from social media. He was previously a regular poster on Instagram. Perhaps he’s going to use it to promote one of his new projects.

He also posted a series of videos to his Instagram stories in which he performs strength training on gymnastic rings.

Zachary Quinto(Screenshot)

Whatever the reason, it’s good to have him back. Here’s hoping he starts posting more thirst traps like the ones he used to occasionally treat fans to.


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