Gay Links – All Posts: Joe Theismann breaks down the top NFL quarterbacks: ‘I love these kids’

Kansas City Chiefs Victory Parade
Patrick Mahomes | Photo by Jay Biggerstaff/Getty Images

Former star QB, analyst breaks down state of position in league

Joe Theismann is a self-confessed quarterback junkie.

The former Super Bowl and longtime television color analyst is now retired at the age of 73, but he studies today’s quarterbacks extensively and he has an incredible knowledge of today’s game.

Theismann sat down with SB Nation Wednesday at the American Century Championship at South Lake Tahoe, Nevada at Edgewood Tahoe Golf Course to discuss this year’s top-heavy crop of NFL quarterbacks. His enthusiasm could hardly keep him contained in his chair.

“I love these kids,” Theismann said. “There’s about 12 of them who can take you where you want to be and those guys are all special.”

Let’s break down Theismann’s thoughts on some of the league’s key quarterbacks.

Patrick Mahomes:

“Patrick is the best quarterback in today’s game for a few reasons. He is so athletic, he very creative and he can make any throw in a tight space. He can really cut it loose. He is so smart and does things we’ve never seen before. Pat is basically a video game. He’s just fun. We haven’t seen anyone like him before. It doesn’t hurt that he was paired with Andy Reid, a great all-time play caller. I think that rookie year (2017) sitting behind Alex Smith really set it up for him. He’s just a joy to watch.”

Joe Burrow:

“Awesome. He’s more of a classic pocket quarterback. He reminds me some of Tom (Brady). He’s just in command. He has an air about him. He’s probably the cockiest of the bunch, but I saw that affectionately. That was a moniker that I carried. He believes he’s going to make the play and win the game and that makes everyone around him believe that too. And he usually comes through.”

New York Jets Offseason Workout
Photo by Rich Schultz/Getty Images
Aaron Rodgers

Aaron Rodgers:

“I think it’s going to work for Aaron in New York. We’ve seen it recently with other quarterbacks who loved to new teams late in their career. He thinks he’s energized be and he’s excited about football. I’m not saying he wasn’t in Green Bay, but he was there a long time. I think this change will do him good. Plus, he’s going to a good team. I like what can happen with the Jets and Aaron this season.”

Josh Allen:

“And incredibly talented guy with great size, but I worry about his decision-making. Some of those interceptions near the goal line really hurt last year. He’s going to have to work on that, but he’s a great talent.”

The overall state of the NFL quarterback:

“There’s about 7-10 really good quarterbacks in the AFC and what, 2-3 in the NFC? I’d say there’s a big drop off after the top 12 and there’s 90 of these guys in the league. That’s why we see the big contracts for guys like Dak (Prescott) and Daniel Jones. They’re good enough to get that money. It’s a supply and demand thing. Teams know how badly they need a quarterback and its the story of the league every offseason.”

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