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Queerty: Vaseline shows hole in one of the wildest brand tweets we’ve ever seen

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Social media these days is pure anarchy, especially on Twitter where James Bond villain Elon Musk has tanked things so astoundingly that it feels like The Purge—a lawless land overrun by conspiracy-spouting Blue Checks and NSFW bots.

So perhaps that helps explain this latest bout of “brands acting up on Twitter,” a tradition that includes Burger King’s top and bottom Pride Whoopers and Nutter Butter nutting all over everything.

Otherwise, we can’t figure out why Vaseline—the 150+ year old brand of petroleum jelly-based products—thought they could post this and not get people riled up:

Yup, Vaseline just posted hole(s)!

What was intended to be a simple social ad promoting their signature Healing Jelly became something wildly suggestive thanks to their choice of graphics: Two puckered-up donuts sitting side-by-side.

It’s meant to tout the glow you can give you skin by “slugging”—a skincare practice wherein you trap moisture with an occlusive moisturizer such as Vaseline—but we can’t get over these visuals.

We’re no doctors, but the wrinkles on the inside of that brown cake donut sure do make it look like… well, you get it. And it doesn’t help that the liquid-y, pearly-white glaze on the confection beside it calls to mind a certain bodily fluid.

Should we be censoring this?

Source Image: Vaseline

You may say, “get your mind out of the gutter!,” but we’re not the only ones to notice. On Facebook, the post has garnered over 200 comments and 1.8K shares (exponentially more than anything else they’ve posted of late), with folks reacting in equal parts horror and delight.

“So that’s how I fix my… my issue. THANKS! Lemme call up the fellas and plan out my weekend!!,” one commenter jokes. Plenty of others remarked that Vaseline “knows exactly what they’re doing” with the post.


Why, exactly, is #PrinceOfPegging trending on Twitter? Prepare to be royally surprised.

Not since that one ‘Broad City’ episode has the word been so widely discussed by.

But… do they know? The jury’s still out on that one, though we can guarantee they’ve seen the shocked responses. Over on Instagram, comments are disabled on the post all-together, and it appears replies were turned off on Twitter earlier today after enough people chimed in.

Thankfully, a few replies still exist, in addition to a number of quote-tweets. Like on Facebook, the tweet has far more engagement than anything else the brand has posted in quite some time. So, accident or not, we’re pretty sure Vaseline doesn’t mind that they’ve cause all of the ruckus.

Here are just a few of our favorite reactions from Gay Twitter™ and beyond:

I should call him

— Body Language Expert (@AtropalPope) July 11, 2023

I have no idea what slugging is but if Vaseline can get those pesky wrinkles removed from around my asshole I’m fucking in!

— Danny Polishchuk (@Dannyjokes) July 11, 2023

Are we using the jelly to jerk off onto doughnuts?

— MichÆL (@The_MichaelB) July 11, 2023

either someone has been slowly building up a fraudulent corporate presence as Vaseline in preparation for sending this tweet or this brand is posting hole on main

— Seltzer Genius ?? (@seltzergenius) July 11, 2023

Here for brand social media managers riding down the sinking ship with “mods are asleep, post hole” energy

— on BSky (@rob_sheridan) July 11, 2023


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