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LGBTQ Nation: Trump-loving Caitlyn Jenner disses DeSantis fanboy’s man-boobs in bizarre exchange


Caitlyn Jenner, the trans and MAGA Olympic gold medal winner, waded into the Trump v. DeSantis Twitter Wars Sunday when she dissed a Meatball Ron fanboy about his ample man-cleavage after he deadnamed her on the social media platform.

“My goodness…emotional much – too much estrogen? Are you transitioning? You have bigger breasts than me!” tweeted Jenner with an unflattering pic of DeSantis supporter John Cardillo, revealing the far-right hack’s bra-less man breasts straining under a too-tight cotton dress shirt.

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Jenner's response to Cardillo on Twitter

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The one-time NYPD cop and current DeSantis surrogate has been trashing Trump hard for the Florida governor, most recently showcasing the former president’s support for a transgender contestant in his Miss Universe pageant in 2012 as evidence Trump is “soft-on-trans” issues.

“Trump is as pro-trans as Biden,” Cardillo tweeted Sunday. “He allowed trans contestants into Miss Universe, opposed NC’s bathroom bill, and has [deadname] Jenner in lipstick as a media surrogate. Now his cultists can attack, insult, and throw tantrums, but that doesn’t change the fact that this is true.”

The Twitter talking points followed the release on Friday of a new DeSantis ad from Never Back Down, the governor’s attack PAC responsible for the homoerotic anti-LGBTQ+ spot that drew even Jenner’s ire last week. That offending advert was quietly taken down just days later.

Ominous like all DeSantis ads in the campaign’s video arsenal (see Florida First Lady Casey DeSantis’ rabid paean to hateful Florida mothers released last week), the new Never Back Down spot depicts Trump as a supporter of trans rights and implies the president who banned transgender people from serving openly in the military, fought for religious exemptions to anti-discrimination laws, and opposed the Equality Act is a supporter of trans rights.

“Why are biological men competing against women now?” Never Back Down captioned the online ad. “Because Trump sided with the transgender agenda.”

Trump was a pioneer in injecting gender ideology and transgender insanity into our culture.

— Never Back Down (@NvrBackDown24) July 7, 2023

“Trump was a pioneer in injecting gender ideology and transgender insanity into our culture,” the PAC posted to Twitter.

Jenner’s pointy response to Cardillo’s DeSantis lap-dogging came just over an hour after the former cop and online host invoked the OG Kardashians star this weekend, because which right-wing influencers don’t spend their Sundays trolling for clicks.

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