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Queerty: Kayleigh McEnany shares latest hunch on who brought cocaine into White House & we’re all a little dumber now

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Donald Trump‘s former mouthpiece/Fox News personality Kayleigh McEnany has a new gig: amateur White House drug sleuth.

It all started on Sunday, July 2, when the White House was temporarily closed after Secret Service agents found a suspicious white powder that was later determined to be cocaine.

While it’s still unknown how the cocaine got there, White House press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre told reporters last Wednesday that tours of the West Wing were given all weekend, while the president and his family were away, and that the situation is currently being handled.

“Let the Secret Service do their job. It’s under their purview. We have confidence that they’ll get to the bottom of it,” she said.

Since then, conservatives have been trying to figure it out on their own, mainly by making wild accusations and spewing bullsh*t conspiracy theories on Fox News. And perhaps nobody has been more invested in solving the mystery than McEnany.

SEASONED FEEDBACK: @kayleighmcenany calls out Karine Jean-Pierre for her ‘inexcusable’ briefing on cocaine being discovered in the White House.

— Fox News (@FoxNews) July 7, 2023

Last week, McEnany disappointed her followers when she declared there was simply “no way” the cocaine belonged to Hunter Biden, despite his past history with drug addiction, which conservatives love to talk about any chance they get.

“For it to be Hunter Biden, he left on Friday, he was at Camp David, there is no way, it is inconceivable to think cocaine could sit for a 72-hour-period so I would rule him out at this point,” she said on Fox and Friends last Thursday.

Whomp, whomp.

But then yesterday, McEnany told Sean Hannity that she’s narrowed down the suspects. Sort of.

Based on her close readings of media reports, as well as her inside knowledge of the layout of the White House, she has deduced that the cocaine was found near the Situation Room, which is an area only the staff has access to.

“I would say at this point, it would have to be a staff member,” she declared.

So, what should the Secret Service do now?

McEnancy’s brilliant answer: “There are no cameras inside the West Wing, so that makes it much more difficult. But sit down every staff member–this was on a Sunday, very light foot traffic–sit down every staff member who had access to that area and try to figure it out.”

Which leads us back to what Karine Jean-Pierre told reporters almost a week ago when she said investigators are doing just that. (“Let the Secret Service do their job. It’s under their purview. We have confidence that they’ll get to the bottom of it.”)

McEnancy went on to say that she assumes the Secret Service is doing what Jean-Pierre already confirmed they are doing before Hannity elevated things by asking, “God forbid, what if [the cocaine] had fentanyl in it?!” And that’s when we stopped being able to follow their mental gymnastics.

Just to be clear, pretty much everyone agrees that cocaine has no place inside the White House and that we should definitely find out how it got there and who’s responsible, which, again, is exactly what the Secret Service is doing.

What’s unclear, however, is why McEnany is still so obsessed with this and what she thinks those in charge should be doing differently, when they’re already doing everything she says they should be doing.

We’ll likely know more later this week. Spectrum News reports that the Secret Service will provide a briefing to Congress around 10AM on Thursday and that the investigation is expected to be officially closed by the end of the week. We’re sure McEnany will have thoughts on that as well.

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