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Queerty: Tom of Finland wants YOU to vote for the hottest photo

The time has come for you to make your voice heard… but this is one decision you won’t be needing your brain for. How you vote in the Tom of Finland Vodka Photo Competition is all about how you feel below the belt.

This year, the iconic artist known as Tom of Finland would have turned 103 years old. A pioneer of LGBTQ+ and erotic arts, Tom of Finland pushed the boundaries of homoerotic art in the 1950s and ’60s. Not only that, but his images became intertwined with gay culture and the gay aesthetic of the 1970s, creating a legacy of fearless expression and sex positivity that endures to this day.

So, what better way to celebrate Tom’s birthday than with an erotic photography competition?


Tom of Finland: The man, the myth, the homoerotic legend

The artist behind the drawings of gay hyper-masculinity remains a mystery to many.

Throughout the month of May, Tom of Finland Vodka invited the public to submit their own original photography for Tom’s Birthday Photo Competition. There was just one rule: to capture the Tom of Finland ethos and celebrate positive sexuality in one photo.

Ten finalists were chosen and showcased on the Tom of Finland Vodka Instagram page throughout the month of June. Now, they need viewers to vote for the artist who submitted the most expressive, the most fearless, and of course, the sexiest photo.

You can vote for your favorite image by commenting on the Instagram post of your choice with the word VOTE and #tomsphotocompetition. The image that receives the most votes will be the Audience Winner, while a Jury Winner will be chosen by a curated panel. Voting remains open through July 11 and the winner will be announced on July 12.

Scroll down for a sampling of this year’s handsome finalists. To see the complete (and uncensored!) finalist photographs and cast your vote, go to Instagram @tomoffinlandvodka. Be sure to follow for content all year round.

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