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Elly De La Cruz was unstoppable on the bases against the Brewers

Cincinnati Reds 3B Elly De La Cruz continues to be an unreal warlock sent to play baseball.

In the top of the seventh inning, with the Reds tied at 5-5 over the Milwaukee Brewers, De La Cruz singled to left center with 2 outs already on the board to bring in another runner, putting the Reds up by one.

This is where our fun begins.

De La Cruz stole second, and then proceeded to steal third…but he wasn’t done yet. De La Cruz stole home base less than 10 seconds later, meaning he stole three bases in practically 30 seconds to give the Reds another run.

I mean, just watch because I have no words.


: @BallySportsCIN

— The Sporting News (@sportingnews) July 8, 2023

The first thing that stands out about this video is the fact that he was so fast in going from second to third that the catcher simply couldn’t get the throw off. Keep in mind: he steals this base standing up. He didn’t even slide into the base, the third baseman wasn’t even on base, nobody could react quick enough to this 6’5 version of The Flash stealing this base without breaking a sweat.

If stealing third wasn’t enough, he just goes and steals home base too. Watch him at the :09 second mark look over and I think this is when he realizes he’s going to go. The camera almost missed him stealing home, and the announcers couldn’t believe it.

This is the entire sequence, which happens across the span of…two pitches.



Elly De La Cruz stole second, third and home in the span of two pitches!

(MLB x @Ziprecruiter)

— MLB (@MLB) July 8, 2023

What an unbelievable baseball player, man. Just unbelievable.

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