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Queerty: Troye Sivan “really, really love[s]” sex and partying, confirms new single is inspired by poppers

Troye Sivan poses shirtless in black leather pants on a bed.Image Credit: Instagram, @troyesivan

“When was the last truly f*cking nasty, nasty bad pop girl?”

That’s the question Troye Sivan‘s character Xander unforgettably asks in HBO’s dark music industry drama, The Idol.

In the world of the show, he’s supposed to be referring to his friend and collaborator Jocelyn (Lily Rose-Depp), a former child star looking to make her next big splash with a sex-forward rebrand.

But, in real life, our next “truly f*cking nasty, nasty bad pop girl?” It might just be Troye Sivan himself!

When was the last truly fucking nasty, nasty, bad pop girl?

— HBO (@HBO) June 20, 2023

In a new interview with GQ, the out musician teases his imminent third album—”coming soon”—and doesn’t hold back when describing what’s really exciting him these days: “I just love people, and I love community, and sex…. I really, really love to party.”

It’s been nearly five years since Sivan’s last official album, Bloom, and, in the time since, he went through a major breakup (with longtime boyfriend Jacob Bixenman) and moved back home to Australia for the bulk of the pandemic.

Those emotional episodes may have fueled his (excellent, contemplative) 2020 EP In A Dream, but it sounds like his next record won’t be the expected “breakup album”—or one that unpacks loneliness and isolation many of us felt during the early days of quarantine.

Instead, Sivan says his new music is inspired by the kinds of intimacy that can be found outside of serious, long-term relationships: “Whether it’s a one-night stand, or someone that you meet for 10 minutes at a club, or somebody you end up dating for like a couple of weeks.”

It’s those experiences—that surely feel familiar to many in the queer community—that Sivan says gave him hope after some dark times.  “I started to get crushes, and realized that I wasn’t emotionally dead.” Suddenly, his idea of “real” connections had changed, and the performer found a new sense of self, of what made him happy.

The result is the upcoming yet-to-be-titled LP, which he describes as a “hopeful, joyous, sexy album.” Recorded with songwriter and longtime collaborator Leland and Oscar Görres (who’s produced for pop artists like MARINA and Tove Lo), Sivan has big plans for the record, and hopes it gets people dancing—whether at the club, or at venues on his future tour.

The first taste of his new sound is lead single “Rush.” Though we have yet to hear the full track (it’s out July 13), previews of the song played throughout various Pride Month events, and Sivan’s been sharing dutifully sharing a brief clip on TikTok, complete with a shameless thirst trap fit for a “nasty, nasty bad pop girl.”


Pre-save my new single Rush 🤥🤭

♬ Rush – Troye Sivan

And, yes, as confirmed in the GQ piece, the single is intentionally named after the popular poppers brand with the unmistakable red and yellow label. Rush would be smart to hit Sivan up for an official brand partnership!

Even just in brief snippets, it’s pretty clear “Rush” is a bop—the kind gays are always begging their favorite pop stars to deliver. “It’s definitely the most dancey, the most unapologetic club [song], [inspired by] all of the experiences that I’ve had over the last two and a half years,” Sivan says.

In other words, it’s a track ready-made to get everyone out on the dance floor—or, in Sivan’s words—”to just be with people, and to feel so connected, to be moving as one being and to feel hot and sweaty and sexy and hopeful.”

We’re ready to feel the rush, too, Troye! July 13 can’t come soon enough.


Hey guys, it’s Troye Sivan

♬ original sound – Troye Sivan

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