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Queerty: Kari Lake’s aide just shared a creepy softcore image of Donald Trump & everyone had the same reaction

Meet Colton Duncan.

No, he’s not a gay adult film star.

He’s not a queer-baiting OnlyFans model either.

He’s one of Kari Lake’s aides. In fact, she once called him “the most important person” on her 2022 gubernatorial campaign… before she lost her election by over 17,000 votes.

For some reason, the 26-year-old rightwing troll reportedly shared a heavily doctored photograph of a musclebound Donald Trump standing on the beach in a red, white, and blue speedo this week.

Posted by Kari Lake’s campaign manager…

— PatriotTakes ?? (@patriottakes) July 5, 2023

A screenshot of the deeply disturbing image quickly made the rounds on social media, leaving many who saw it absolutely horrified.

Here’s how they’ve been responding…

I can’t unsee this

Mike Pence‘s Other Mother 🟧🟦 (@cooltxchick) July 5, 2023

Very weird and gross.

— KEL0818 (@KEL0818) July 5, 2023

— Bridget D 🍄🐝🦋🌷 (@ZoeyCatBell) July 5, 2023

I have no words. These people live in an alternative universe.

— Brad (@BraddrofliT) July 5, 2023

Trump porn is super disturbing.

— Go.Do.Be. (@ktnislosingit) July 6, 2023

According to his poorly written LinkedIn bio, Duncan, who last made headlines in October 2022 when he tweeted some racist bullsh*t about Native Americans, is “an aggressive, young ‘Political Consultant’ that defies the conventional model of ‘Consulting’ — He has spent the entirety of his career engaging with the Conservative Base and building relationships with leading Influencers, Leaders and Organizations within the movement.”

Before getting into politics, he worked as an actor at a local dinner theater.

When he’s not firing off racist tweets or allegedly posting photoshopped images of Trump wearing a speedo, Duncan spends his free time rubbing elbows with anti-LGBTQ+ extremists.

Now, we have absolutely no idea what may have inspired Duncan to allegedly post that Trump thirst trap, but it could have something to do with recent reports that the one term, twice impeached, twice indicted ex-president has grown tired of Lake, and so, in hopes of winning back the 77-year-old’s good graces, Duncan has resorted to flattery on his boss’ behalf.

Last month, it was reported Lake had all but moved into Mar-a-Lago in an effort to position herself as Trump’s fourth wife 2024 running mate. But new reports claim he’s already sick of her and her constant need for attention.

The Daily Beast reports:

Two Trump advisers who spoke to The Daily Beast said the heart of Trump’s frustration with Lake is that, in his eyes, she always wants attention.

As one of the advisers put it, she’s a “spotlight hound.”

While Lake does check off the running-mate box of being an extremely “loyal” backer of Trump, her ability to outshine the ex-president might just be her downfall.

One of the two Trump advisers, who has spoken with Trump about the matter, said the former president doesn’t appreciate Lake “running around saying she should be VP.”

So far, Trump has remained tight-lipped about who he’s considering for a potential running mate, telling reporters in Iowa last month that he doesn’t think it matters who he picks because his name alone will be enough to win the presidency in 2024.

“I don’t think from a voting standpoint it matters very much,” he said.

Of course, that’s assuming he’s not in prison by then.

While Trump is largely seen as the GOP frontrunner, he’s also facing 71 criminal and federal charges in connection to his alleged mishandling of classified documents and his alleged involvement in hush money payments made to Stormy Daniels, with more indictments expected in the coming weeks and months.

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