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Queerty: Is Gay Twitter™ over? The frantic migration to Threads is starting, and then stopping

Gay couple on their phones

Gay Twitter™ is experiencing whiplash. With Elon Musk making the bird app increasingly worse and chaotic, there is a frantic search for an alternative.

But so far, those efforts have been futile. Gays are jumping from app to app, ditching each one like a failed Grindr hookup.

Could Musk… have us trapped?!

The meme-stealing billionaire is seemingly on a mission to ruin Twitter, which worked fine before he took over! Up until last weekend, his worst move was making verification a pay-for-play scheme, stripping the blue check mark of any legitimacy.

Now, all of the trolling “reply guys” are at the top of every feed, burying our brilliance!

And yet, even with that irritating inconvenience, Gay Twitter™ has persisted. We’ve stuck it out through the annoying “For You” tab, inexplicable glitches and reintroduction of suspended users, most of whom are hateful and vile and, of course, homophobic.

But last weekend, Musk touched our last gay nerve. Without warning, Twitter announced unverified users would be limited to viewing only 600 posts per day.

Mama, Gay Twitter™ eats 600 posts for breakfast, and even more if there’s a chicken tender thief on Fire Island!

me after I’ve seen my 600 tweets

— matt (@computer_gay) July 1, 2023

twitter gays exiting out of RATE LIMIT EXCEEDED lock

— Matt Yu (@yomattyu) July 2, 2023

Microdosing twitter so I don’t hit my rate limit within the first 5 minutes

— Link’s Gay Awakening (@gay_pnw) July 2, 2023

Bouncing off here for the day so I can savor reading some tweets tonight as a treat.

— Anthony Michael Kreis (@AnthonyMKreis) July 3, 2023

no one is more dramatic than a gay person with a daily twitter limit

— cat ? (@lvecean) July 2, 2023

Within moments of Musk’s pointless proclamation, members of Gay Twitter™ started passing around codes to a new app called Bluesky. It was the social media version of handing out wristbands to an “exclusive” afters.

So cool!

For the blissfully unaware, Bluesky is the latest Twitter imitator to gain steam–or at least it was for a couple of days. With Jack Dorsey’s backing, Bluesky looks a lot like Twitter, featuring a nearly identical interface. Instead of tweets, users send out “skeets,” though the company’s CEO is desperately trying to change that.

And unlike Mastodon (another Twitter replacement that briefly gained traction), Bluesky is easy to use. There are no servers or anything weird like that.

By July 4, the migration was in full force.

Gay Twitter migrating to Bluesky

— Ryan James Dee ? (@RyanJamesDee) July 2, 2023

Does anyone have an invite code for BlueSky ? Help a gay get out of Twitter

— Deometry style of Math (@RigoAGoGo) July 3, 2023

Gays that had 40k followers on Twitter starting over on Bluesky

— Ben Yahr (@benyahr) July 4, 2023

need more gays to migrate to bluesky

— Andrew Palmer (@andrewdc_) July 3, 2023

Twitter gays migrating to Bluesky like Washington crossing the Delaware

— phil (@philipjonathn) July 4, 2023

But then Mark Zuckerberg entered the equation. On Wednesday, Instagram unveiled its “Twitter Killer:” Threads.

More than 10 million people signed up within seven hours of its launch.

If any app can capitalize on Twitter’s turmoil, conventional wisdom says it will be Threads. For starters, it’s backed by Meta, and has access to Instagram’s massive user base of more than 2 billion active users.

For synergy purposes, a user’s Instagram handle must also be their Threads user name. People can also import their Insta follows to Threads, ensuring that Twitter Gays won’t lose their reach.

That’s very, very important.

It seemingly took less than one day for Threads to supplant Twitter. Congrats to Daddy Zuck!

— David Mack (@davidmackau) July 6, 2023

Gays going back and forth between Twitter and threads

— Cam (@justcameron) July 6, 2023

Twitter gays running from bluesky to threads

— ShaneAvery (@ShaneAvery) July 6, 2023

Threads & Bluesky fighting for attention from displaced twitter gays

— Feist Spice (@Z_ninetales) July 6, 2023

streets saying “gay threads” sound better than “gay twitter” and i hate that i agree dicnjd dms

— dill (@saendill) July 6, 2023

Gay Twitter running to threads

— -Alison. ? (@iCafeinomano) July 6, 2023

But alas, good things cannot last. Gays quickly discovered one big problem with Threads: no nudes!

That’s right: posting “pole” is against the rules.

How homophobic!

So apparently if you post pole on threads they break into your house and bust your kneecaps

— terri joe biden (@dulapeeped) July 6, 2023

are people showing pole on threads because if not i dont wanna join

— gayjuggernaut ??????????? (@gayjuggernaut) July 6, 2023

Gays posting their nudes on Threads

— cynthia’s voice box (@cynthiaspickle) July 6, 2023

Threads gays when they realize they can’t post nudes

— ????Asher Myles???? LA 7/6-9 (@asher__myles) July 6, 2023

The gays won’t be on Threads because it’s moderated to within an inch of its life. No nudes. Nudes are a fundamental currency in gay subculture.

— Luke (but gay) 🏳️‍🌈✈ (@lukeacl) July 6, 2023

Gays realising they can’t post or views nudes on threads

— God is a bottom (@Godisabottom_tw) July 6, 2023

I already deactivated my threads and deleted the app. Not for me.

— Tall and Gay (@zaddy_not_daddy) July 6, 2023

Imagine thinking Threads is the “Gay Twitter.” No one tell her Bluesky exists!

— Paris Marx (@parismarx) July 6, 2023

So there you have it. After a dizzying five days, Gay Twitter™ is still on…Gay Twitter™. Elon Musk can’t chase us away, no matter how hard he tries.

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