Gay Links – All Posts: AEW: Fight Forever’s new mode is wrestling meets Fortnite and it’s dumb in the best way

This is incredible.

After weeks of speculation, THQ Nordic made it official: The Stadium Stampede is coming to AEW: Fight Forever, and this is the most gloriously stupid thing I have ever seen in a wrestling game.

30 wrestlers enter the stadium. Only one can reign supreme.

Stadium Stampede “Battle Royale” mode is a FREE download coming soon to #AEWFightForever!

— AEW Games (@AEWGames) July 6, 2023

The 30 person battle royale is a small-scale Fortnite, taking place in a stadium that looks an awful lot like the Jaguars’ TIAA Bank Field. The field, stands, and backstage are all open for competition — with weapons like t-shirt cannons littering the field.

It’s unclear exactly how this will work, but judging from the trailer the basic concept is to knock everyone out by reducing their health bar and hitting them with a finishing move. However, there’s also an “appeal meter,” though we don’t know what that is yet.

All I know is that the mechanics mean far less to me than the ability to ride Hangman Page’s horse.

The horse has its own health bar too. It’s unclear if the horse will explode.

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