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LGBTQ Nation: Marjorie Taylor Greene celebrates end of Pride Month: “The rainbow belongs to God!”

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Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-GA) didn’t have a very good Pride Month. She claimed that the rainbow flag is a “symbol of aggression” against her, and, since she spends a lot of time in D.C., she couldn’t avoid that trigger, complaining that Pride revelers partied too late.

But on July 1 at a Trump rally in Pickens, South Carolina, Greene told the crowd that the scourge of Pride Month is over and that the rainbow belongs to God.

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“Today is July first but all last month was what the left refers to as Pride Month,” she said. “God-fearing people here and everywhere know the rainbow belongs to God!”

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The audience cheered.

“God fearing people here and everywhere know the rainbow belongs to God.” -Marjorie Taylor Greene

— RSBN 🇺🇸 (@RSBNetwork) July 1, 2023

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