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Queerty: Don Jr.’s raunchy behavior inside a gay club bathroom exposed by Aubrey O’Day

Donald Trump Jr. and Aubrey O'Day in side by side photos

Everyone’s been talking about Don Jr. and Kimberly Guilfoyle breaking up. Now, one of the one term, twice impeached, twice indicted ex-president’s eldest son’s ex-girlfriends is speaking out about his sexual proclivities.

In recent years, Donald Trump Jr. has been fond of spewing homophobic vitriol online, but he apparently had no issue with getting hot and heavy inside a gay club bathroom in his previous life, at least according to Aubrey O’Day.

In a new interview, the former Danity Kane singer spilled the tea on her torrid affair with Don Jr., which occurred over a decade ago while he was married to his first wife, Vanessa.

O’Day first met Don Jr. while filming season 5 of Celebrity Apprentice in 2011 and soon after they struck up a romantic relationship. At the time, the married Manhattan “nepo baby” had yet to descend into the bowels of far right politics and O’Day said they became each other’s “soulmate.”

“You know what a bleeding-heart liberal I am, and you know how I’m a social justice warrior since I was born and raised by one,” O’Day said on Michael Cohen’s Mea Culpa podcast.

“There is no way that I could have ever loved somebody like what we see today. So, that goes to show you how much transformation or potential posturing the man is doing or has done since the man that I would call my soulmate — I also don’t discredit that word. I do think if he were able to tell the truth, he would, since he called me his soulmate first.”

Cant wait for y’all to catch my episode of #MEACULPA with @MichaelCohen212 airing Monday. Xo ?

— Aubrey O’Day (@AubreyODay) June 29, 2023

To further iterate how far Don Jr. has transformed within the MAGA-verse, O’Day recounted how they first had sex inside the bathroom of a NYC gay club where all the men were “in a g-string or less.”

While O’Day didn’t name the club, she did say Don Jr. was “chill” and “nice to everyone.”

“I looked at his Instagram for the first time in years the other night and saw all kinds of jokes you know, kind of belittling the gay community, transgender women, et cetera, and I thought to myself, ‘Man you were super comfortable in that gay club’”, she said of the ex-president’s son. “In fact, so comfortable that we ended up going to the bathroom and, for the first time, had sex in a gay club bathroom.”

The relationship didn’t last and in 2013 O’Day released a song about their breakup entitled “DJT.”

Don Jr. has yet to comment on O’Day’s queer club exposé, but he’s probably too busy fending off the false rumors that he and California Governor Gavin Newsom’s ex-wife Kimberly Guilfoyle have broken up.

The MAGA power couple have been together since 2018 and first confirmed their relationship just three months after Don Jr.’s wife Vanessa finally freed herself from the Trump cult by filing for divorce.

But Don Jr. and Guilfoyle appear to be a match made in right-wing hell and went on to get engaged days before the January 6th insurrection at Mar-A-Lago on New Year’s Eve 2020. Mazel tov!

While they have yet to announce a wedding date, both Don Jr. and Kimmy are expected to make a joint appearance at a MAGA event at a Florida retirement community on July 18th.

They may want to go ahead and lock the bathrooms just in case.

If you need a palate cleanse, relive your youth by checking out Aubrey in Danity Kane’s music video for their blockbuster 2007 hit “Damaged” below:

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