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Queerty: Every part of Henry Cavill’s body is perfect, according to Twitter

Henry Cavill

The first half of The Witcher Season 3 is out now on Netflix, with Geralt of Rivia struggling to shield his fantastical family from the against the monarchs, mages, and beasts who would do them harm.

But who cares about The Witcher’s plot when you have someone has be-witch-ing as Henry Cavill leading the cast?

Cavill has been a Queerty fixation for more than a decade now—our archive of appreciation posts goes back to his Immortals days. And, much the British bloke’s biceps, our love for the 40-year-old has only grown.

We’re not alone, of course.

On Twitter, fans of all stripes are salivating over Cavill’s good looks and superheroic figure. Just look at how they thirst over his body in the tweets below! Seems like finding an unsexy part of Cavill is the real Mission: Impossible

started watching the Witcher because Henry Cavill’s arms and accidentally binged the whole thing

— derek (@derektbh_) January 3, 2020

I love his handsome handsome face, but Henry Cavill’s arms/shoulders make me want to do dirty dirty things to him….

— Lady Boners (@TrueLadyBoners) April 4, 2020

I thought it was my allergies that were making it hard for me to breathe today but it was just Henry Cavill’s arms

— ?sienna? (@xoxowari) July 17, 2020

Henry Cavill’s arms are too powerful to be contained by mere leather.

— Dimitrescu Family Footstool (@Skarothian) December 21, 2019

I can’t stop looking at Henry Cavill’s arms

— Mark Slamdison (@Markette_) May 16, 2017

TL cleanser… Henry Cavill’s legs

— Viktor’s RenaiSéance (@wondermann5) November 19, 2021

i think I’m watching the Witcher just to enjoy Henry Cavill’s legs at this point. Only seen two episodes but I need more of that shit

— huttbole (@blunderbussy) January 18, 2020

i want henry cavill’s legs around my head

— jay (@monsterkinks) January 2, 2016

Science has proved that zooming in on Henry Cavill’s legs greatly improves your day

— benjamin dean (@NotAgainBen) May 13, 2018

Good morning to Henry Cavill’s chest

— grant???? (@urdadssidepiece) January 3, 2019

Henry Cavill’s chest appreciation post

— Chase (@ChaseStein_) March 12, 2019

when i eat henry cavill’s chest hair like spaghetti and drink his sweat then what…

— diego (@a24slasher) January 14, 2021

I consider Henry Cavill’s chest a primary sexual characteristic.

— Danny Carrington (@DannyCarringto5) March 13, 2023

#BatmanvsSuperman is terrible but at least Henry Cavill’s butt isn’t

— Jason Adams (@JAMNPP) March 29, 2016

Henry Cavill’s butt ?

— Ramit ? (@Kr8s_control) April 15, 2017

someone: *says something*
me: yeah but have you seen henry cavill’s crotch?

— naty ? (@bellanattty) April 8, 2020

I’ve spent way too much time today looking at Henry Cavill’s crotch to see if he’s wearing underwear. Or not enough?

— Ed De La Garza (@eddelagarza) August 4, 2011

I dream of jumping off a low diving board and aim directly for Henry Cavill’s crotch… throat first.

(Obviously with consent.)

— The Cloven King (@theclovenking) April 15, 2022

Henry Cavill’s jawline appreciation tweet ?

— ??. (@JacksonsHadid) August 24, 2022

Henry Cavill’s jawline is literally a perfectly engineered, lumbar-supporting, ergonomically-designed seat

— Matt Bellassai (@MattBellassai) February 29, 2016

henry cavill’s eyes are so beautiful

— Dixon (@KissingIsaac) June 9, 2016

I think Henry Cavill’s eyes makes up for most of the faults in Man of Steel.

— Justin Carter (@GigawattConduit) October 20, 2014

WARNING: Staring directly into Henry Cavill’s eyes may cause pregnancy. #trustme

— Eric McCulley (he/him) (@EMcCulley) September 23, 2017

Henry Cavill’s smile could create world peace

— Dylan (@dylophosavr) June 5, 2014

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