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Queerty: When he’s not posting thirst traps, this globetrotting gaymer is traversing different realms

Scott Dickerson

As a flight attendant, Scott Dickerson has traveled from his hometown of San Francisco to exotic locals such as Maui, Australia, and the Netherlands. As a Final Fantasy fanatic, he’s traversed otherworldly realms like the deserts of Ivalice, the cyberpunk metropolis of Midgar, and the forests of Gridania.

“My all time favorite game is Final Fantasy. Anything Final Fantasy,” beamed Scott, also known on Twitch by his nom-de-gayme Tanktop_gaymer.” I grew up playing the Final Fantasy series, so there’s a lot of nostalgia there.”

For those uninitiated in Final Fantasy, this RPG anthology series in comprised of 16 seperate games. Although the plot, characters, genres, and settings are completely unrelated from generation to generation, the series features a number of recurring elements such as airships, chocobos, and job systems. These jobs range from axe-wielding fighters, sneaky thieves, fire-blasting black mages, and summoners with the ability to evoke god-like allies to aid in battle. (Think of it as swords-and-sorcery wingmen.) Its towards this latter job that Scott gravitates most.

“I’ve fallen in love with the summoner class,” Scott laughed “The idea of summoning a guardian by your side is fantasy fantastic.”

This sense of gayming comraderie extends beyond battle-bestie relationship between a Summoner and his Summonees. Scott also appreciates the collaborative aspect of this game, specifically with the massive multiplayer RPG Final Fantasy XIV even when compared to another prominent prominent in his wheelhouse, World of Warcraft.

“I love FFXIV for the community. The community is a lot better than World Of Warcraft that I played almost an entire generation of.”

But FF isn’t the only game currently gobbling up Scott’s attention he’s also consumed with playing Marvel’s Midnight Suns, a macabre tactical role-playing game based on the titular superhero universe.

“I’m a total Marvel Comic book fan. I do subscribe to Marvel Unlimited,” said Scott, refering to the digital comic book hub. “Not going to lie, I’m pretty horrible at the game because it’s a card game and tactical game. I’m tactical. just not the best at card games, like Hearth Stone.”

But with a smile like that, we think the gaymer community will let that slide. And for more of the globetrotting gaymer, check out some of our favorite pics we snatched from his IG. Which is your favorite?

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