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Queerty: Ross Lynch shows off his very revealing swimwear on a beach vacation & now the internet’s SOAKED

Ross Lynch at the beachImage Credits: TikTok, @thedriverera

Considering a big part of actor and musician Ross Lynch’s job is going shirtless and looking really hot on stage, you’d think he’d rather spend down time doing something else.

But, no, even when he’s on vacation, Lynch is putting in the work. And by “work” we mean: Going shirtless and looking really hot.

Recently, a series of photos and videos of the performer kicking back and relaxing in Mykonos, Greece have reignited the internet’s thirst once again, especially as he shows off his very revealing tiny swim trunks.

Ross Lynch na praia em Mykonos, Grécia.

— PAN (@forumpandlr) June 25, 2023

We are not okay!!!

Aside from screen roles in The Chilling Adventures Of Sabrina and the Teen Beach Movie series, Lynch is best known as one-half of pop rock duo The Driver Era, a band he started with his older brother, Rocky.

It was around this time last summer that The Driver Era was touring the country, and Lynch went viral on TikTok simply because he looked really sexy while singing.

i would like to thank ross lynch in concert for existing

— ross lynch archive (@rossonfile) August 14, 2022

The shirtlessness sort of became his signature and, show after show, Lynch delivered—always switching it up just a little to keep fans guessing. Sometimes you’d get the standard no-shirt look, sometimes he’d give us the more “business casual” unbuttoned top, he’d occasionally throw on a cowboy hat for fun, or even mix it up with a Pride flag!

We stan a versatile king.


Ross Lynch reads thirst tweets, realizes “half of these tweets are from boys”

From what we found, there were plenty more to choose from.

After touring the better part of the last year, The Driver Era brothers are finally enjoying a little R&R on the beautiful beaches of Greece. But even during their time off, they can’t help but put on a show.

For example, here’s Ross and Rocky grinning and flexing as they apply sunscreen to one another’s backs—mind you, this is a video from the band’s official TikTok account! See, they never stop working!


A Greek Summer

♬ Sirtaki (Zorba the Geek)

The clip has made its way to Gay Twitter where user @thechildoftime notes, “Ross Lynch knows EXACTLY what he’s doing.” (Their tweet featuring the video, by the way, has logged over 12.8 million views.)

Thankfully, their Mykonos trip has been well documented thus far. One quick search on Twitter and you’ll find even more videos of Ross and Rocky singing in the sand, goofing off, frolicking in the water, etc…

The internet can’t get enough.

ross lynch said Gay Rights!

— grant?? (@jakegylllnhaal) June 22, 2023

I will never recover from this #RossLynch

— hasan piker’s cumrag (@celebhaus) June 26, 2023

And then there’s the matter of that swimsuit…

For some reason, the olive green trunks have really been catching people’s eyes!

Ross Lynch is carrying around that massive third leg ?

— Hot Celeb Studs (@celeb_studs) June 25, 2023


— hasan piker’s cumrag (@celebhaus) June 22, 2023

For the curious, the swimwear comes from the Barcelona-based ES Collection, a men’s fashion and lifestyle brand that, according to their website, caters to “the gay sector” with casual and athletic wear.

One Twitter user even noted that Lynch was wearing the Europe Swim Trunk 2.0-style suit, which comes complete with ES Collection’s patented “PackUp” insert that is designed to enhance “the aesthetics of the male attributes.” Huh, we wonder what that could mean!

I’ve had ENOUGH

— ME!ssy – ? (@weLuv2Cit) June 26, 2023

Anyway, “enhancements” or not, we’re thrilled any time Ross Lynch decides to show off for us. If looking this good is a full-time job, then he just might be one of the hardest working men in the industry!


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