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LGBTQ Nation: Bebe Rexha’s reaction to a teenager coming out to his mom was exactly right


Pop star Bebe Rexha has been touring all through Pride Month, but her most significant contribution to the LGBTQ+ community may have been how she reacted to a Tennessee teenager who came out in front of her.

The singer visibly teared up while calming down a star-struck fan who told her that her music had helped him weather some dark times. But what happened next was magical.

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“I moved to Tennessee. My depression was at its worst, and [her album] Better Mistakes got me through…” he sobbed to the star outside of her performance.

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“Take a deep breath,” she calmly replied. “Let’s enjoy this moment together. I love you so much. You’re so strong.”

“That’s my baby boy,” the teen’s mother, who is off-camera, tells the star.

“He’s gonna make me cry right now,” Rexha said.

“I’m gonna do this in front of you,” the teen told the singer before turning to his mom and saying, “I’m gay.”

“That’s fine. That’s absolutely fine. I still love you,” his mom replied.

Rexha pulled the teen in for a big hug, telling him, “Oh my God. I’m so proud of you.”

Originally posted to the singer’s Instagram Story, the clip has been shared on Twitter by fans thousands of times.

Bebe Rexha helps fan come out to his mother.

— Pop Base (@PopBaseUpdates) June 24, 2023

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