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Queerty: Carly Rae Jepsen likes them shy, Doug Locke rises like a Phoenix, Tayls goes dom: Your weekly bop roundup

The party isn’t over yet! Pride month is still rolling on and so is the incredible new music being released by our favorite queer musicians. I mean, we have been truly EATING this month, with each week emerging artists and staple favorites alike consistently delivering some scrumptious new bops each week.

And, of course, we’re hungry for more, so I won’t keep you waiting. Check out this week’s new queer music roundup, bop after bop, and dig into some delicious new music below:

“Shy Boy” by Carly Rae Jepsen

Carly Rae Jepsen comes back around to bless the pop scene once again with her funky and flirty new single, “Shy Boy.” This effervescent pop groove radiates with shimmering vocals and thumping nu disco-esque beats that lure listeners to the dance floor. Jepsen’s playful vocals shine amidst layers of glittery synth melodies and a pulsating bass line, with lyrics that celebrate the joy of bringing a shy boy out of his shell; “Shy boy stir me up / You didn’t even know you got the Midas touch”. With this release, Jepsen once again demonstrates her ability to create perfectly crafted pop music that the gays can’t help but stan.

“King of Hearts” by Kim Petras

Kim Petras has unleashed her highly anticipated debut album, Feed the Beast, and leading the charge is the electrifying single “King of Hearts.” Drawing inspiration from early-2000s rave Eurodance music, Petras packs a punch with this high-energy dancefloor anthem packed with pulsating four-four beats, mesmerizing sequenced synths, and infectious melodies. With killer lyrics accompanied by the relentless sprint in Petras’ vocal delivery, the song exudes an unapologetic burst of energy, establishing Kim in the mainstream pop industry as a force to be reckoned with.

“Phoenix” by Doug Locke

Doug Locke, the Houston-born artist now based in Los Angeles, delivers a captivating blend of pop and alternative R&B with a rock sensibility in his latest album, Phoenix. The album showcases Locke’s evolution and growth over a three-year period, symbolized by the title itself, representing hope, rebirth, and transformation, seamlessly blending 80s-inspired dance-pop with guitar-driven elements, all while incorporating disco and house influences for a modern twist. It’s got a little bit of everything, while Locke continues to GIVE everything in his live performances, most recently at Weho Pride. Locke’s deep and sultry vocals add a unique touch to tracks like “Black Travolta”, and his talent and charisma shine throughout Phoenix serving as a must-listen album that effortlessly combines various genres into a cohesive and refreshing musical experience.

“Where Do We Go From Here” by ICONA POP

Icona Pop is making a triumphant return with their upcoming album, Club Romantech, marking their first release in a decade since 2013’s This Is…Icona Pop. The Swedish party-pop duo, consisting of Aino Jawo and Caroline Hjelt, are accompanying with their latest track, “Where Do We Go From Here,” a club-ready anthem that stays true to Icona Pop’s signature style. The song is a catchy dose of Europop, featuring the duo’s synchronized vocals over infectious beats, delivering an irresistible and dizzying musical experience. Fans can expect to be invited into the captivating world of Icona Pop once again when Club Romantech drops on September 1st, but this pop gem and many Pride appearances should hold us over till then.

“Star Dom” by Tayls

Tayl, the dynamic friendship-punks from Nashville, make a bold statement with their latest single, “Star Dom.” In conjunction with their Nashville Pride Fest debut, this exuberant summer anthem is part of an exciting series of singles leading up to their summer EP release. Beyond its sun-soaked melodies and playful lyrics exploring BDSM, “Star Dom” delves deeper, revealing Tayls’ lead singer Taylor Cole’s introspective contemplation on the lengths he is willing to go to and the sacrifices he is prepared to make in his relentless pursuit of fame and stardom. With their unapologetic stage presence and electric sonic energy, Tayls captivate audiences with their vibrant live performances, leaving a lasting impression with the band’s distinctive “friendship-punk” DIY style and sets the stage for their upcoming US tours in 2023.

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