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LGBTQ Nation: This TikTok about the skeletons of trans people is quickly going viral & OMG it’s obvious why


In 2021, Sasha Allen and his father, Jim, took America by storm when they appeared on The Voice. Now Allen is going viral on TikTok with a song about… the skeletons of transgender people.

In a reply video to another user who spouted off that “when they dig up your bones in a thousand years, they’re going to know you were biologically female,” Allen wrote a spirited and pointed song refuting the transphobia that has users cheering at the end.

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Trans singer Sasha Allen is burning up The Voice stage every week & America just can’t get enough

Half of a father/son duo, he’s the first trans singer to place in the semi-finals – and his coach, Arianna Grande, couldn’t be prouder.

The men’s coach, LGBTQ ally Ariana Grande, formed a tight bond with Sasha, and the two had a lovefest at some point during each episode. But the young performer’s earnest attitude and ability to nail every performance won him fans nationwide. The duo ended up getting to the semifinals before their run on the show ended.

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Allen came out as trans to the audience in the segment that aired before the two had their blind audition. Only three transgender people have appeared on the show; Allen was the first performer to make it to the semi-finals.

“That was a really hard decision to make because you are showing a very vulnerable part of yourself to millions and millions of people,” Sasha told Parade at the time. “But [during fan week], seeing people’s support and responses and how that has impacted people really showed that it was worth it and the right decision even though it was a hard one to make.”

“There’s not really a choice in the matter of coming out, because… you can’t live with that pain anymore, you just have to be yourself,” Sasha told Ellen DeGeneres after they were eliminated. “I made the decision to share my story in this way because I was like, ‘If I could help one kid who’s in the position that I was in, or help somebody to understand who knows nothing about trans people or has never met a trans person, it would all be worth it.’”


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