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Phoenix Suns v Washington Wizards
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Chris Paul could be headed to the Clippers, but Washington is still weighing its options according to reports.

Once news broke that future Hall of Fame inductee Chris Paul had been traded to the Washington Wizards, a team in rebuilding mode, speculation began on where he would end up. Every contending team outside the Nuggets was rumored to be interested in the former All-Star. The latest rumor seems to be picking up steam. Paul learned the news on his way to New York to promote his new book.

Chris Paul said he was on a flight when he found out about the reports that he was included in the Bradley Beal trade.

“I was suprised too. … In this league anything can happen.”

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— ESPN (@espn) June 19, 2023

According to Brian Windhorst of ESPN, the Wizards and Los Angeles Clippers are already discussing a possible trade involving Paul.

Chris Paul and the Clippers have mutual interest in reuniting, per @WindhorstESPN:

– Clippers, not the Lakers, are favorites to acquire Paul.

– Wizards and Clippers already in discussions on potential CP3 trade package.

– Another team could become involved to help take on…

— Evan Sidery (@esidery) June 20, 2023

Windhorst did, however, go on to say it seems a third team would have to get involved to take on some of the Clippers players and that a three-team trade is always difficult. Paul played six seasons with the Clippers during the “lob city” era. The Clippers, however, could never make it past the second round and eventually broke up the team.

Other teams may also get involved in the Paul sweepstakes, like the Los Angeles Lakers, who may be looking to move from DeAngelo Russell this off-season.

Teams may also decide to wait it out and see if the Wizards work out a buyout of Paul’s contract, making him an unrestricted free agent once he clears waivers. Now there is another part to this trade that may change where Paul ends up going.

Adrian Wojnarowski also reported last night that the Wizards are still considering bringing another team to the Suns trade and maybe sending Paul to a third team since the Suns and Wizards trade is not finalized. Wojnarowski also said the WIzards might even decide to keep Paul. Still, I find that scenario hard to believe, considering the Wizards are nowhere near a championship contender, and that’s the type of team Paul once to be on.

The Wizards have the eighth pick in this Thursday’s draft. They are reportedly interested in Anthony Black of Arkansas, making it more likely that the Wizards will try to make a Paul deal happen sooner rather than later to find out what other assets they can acquire before the draft.

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