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Queerty: Ron “Don’t Say Gay” DeSantis’ wife tried copying Melania Trump & things didn’t go as planned

Ron DeSantis standing with Casey DeSantis.

As it turns out, there may actually be a lot of truth behind Casey DeSantis’ “Walmart Melania” moniker.

A new Washington Post feature story highlighting the, um, unique, relationship between Ron “Don’t Say Gay” DeSantis and his seemingly all-knowing wife includes a tidbit about how Casey wished to present herself when Ron was first elected governor of Florida.

She wanted the full Melania.

“As she was preparing for her new role, she asked an aide what Melania Trump would do or wear, what stores and designers she liked, looking to the president’s wife as a model,” writes Ruby Cramer.

That checks out. It’s been apparent for a while that Casey DeSantis is trying to emulate the disgraced ex-president’s wife, right down to her caustic indifference towards the suffering inflicted on others by her husband.

PSA: Fake Melania is not to be confused with Walmart Melania….who is another person altogether….

— Alejandro Villegas #🟦 (@thecorpmex) June 14, 2023

O Look, It’s Walmart Melania!

— Dale M King (@DaleMKing2) June 17, 2023

They call her: “Walmart Melania” and my personal favorite, “TackyO.”

— Kathy Olsen (@encompassarts) June 18, 2023

WTAF???? What look is Walmart Melania going for?

— Jim Morris????? (@morrisjc) June 18, 2023

While Casey DeSantis may want to present as Melania Trump–or at least a version of her–it’s apparent she’s far more involved in her husband’s political operation than the former First Lady. The WaPo article features several amusing anecdotes about her control over Ron’s appearance, right down to his mockable cowboy boots and earpieces he wears for interviews (Casey used to work as a TV anchor in Jacksonville).

“She knew the cowboy boots he should wear, even though, at first, he complained that they hurt his feet, until a staffer suggested he buy dress shoes instead, at which point he said, ‘Casey got them for me,’ and that was the end of the conversation about the cowboy boots,” writes Cramer.

Why is Ron DeSantis wearing high heeled cowboy boots when he lives in Florida?

— Susan ??????? (@susanj357) March 6, 2023

Does Ron DeSantis have a Napolean Bonaparte complex, (5’6″) or an Adolph Hitler complex (5’9″)? Ron is barely 5’8″ without his 2″ cowboy boots.@RemoveRon #RonDeSantisIsDestroyingFlorida

— Editorial & Political Cartoons (@EandPCartoons) April 21, 2023

But Casey apparently isn’t only trying to shape Ron’s look: she’s also attempting to lighten up his stiff and alienating demeanor. During Ron’s 2018 campaign for governor, he was instructed to write “LIKABLE” in all-caps at the top of his notepad.

Five years later, he’s still working on the whole likability thing. It isn’t going well.

Earlier this month, DeSantis made headlines for stiffing a World War II veteran at a meet-and-greet. He also threw a hissy fit when a reporter asked him why he didn’t take questions following a town hall event in New Hampshire.

But hey: at least he hasn’t been caught eating pudding with his fingers on the presidential campaign trail.

He’s been caught doing plenty of embarrassing other things, though!

There’s a moment in the DeSantis demon-laugh video where you can clearly see him trying to convince his face to have human emotions, it’s like a micro-expression where his eyes haven’t caught up with his mouth yet, and it’s the most unsettling thing I’ve ever seen

— Jerry Iannelli (@jerryiannelli) May 31, 2023

Ron Desantis in Japan, when asked about his falling poll numbers against Trump, says he isn’t a candidate yet, but suggests those numbers will change if he becomes one. He also uses another one of his contrived, weird personalities.

— Ron Filipkowski (@RonFilipkowski) April 24, 2023

I’ve said it for a while now. DeSantis has a glass jaw. He has the emotional control of a toddler.

— David Hogg ? (@davidhogg111) April 27, 2023

But back to Casey. Her influence is believed to be so omnipresent, she’s even advised her husband to ditch the old pronunciation of his surname.

For years, it was “DEE-santis.” Now, it’s “Deh-Santis,” though Ron refuses to supply an on-the-record answer about the switch. “It’s just always been Deh-Santis,” Casey said in a 2018 interview.

Except all of the times it wasn’t. “Early in his political career, DeSantis, 44, appeared to use ‘Dee-Santis’ more often—then began a slow and still-incomplete evolution to ‘Deh-Santis,’” writes Axios. (Casey seems to be quite liberal with names: she went by “Jill” when she started in TV news, the Post reports.)

Ron, for his part, doesn’t shield Casey from the public. In fact, he wants her front and center. The anti-social governor often calls her out at campaign events, and recently complained she doesn’t appear on enough magazine covers.

“If she were a Democrat, she’d be on every fashion magazine,” said DeSantis.

Ironically, Casey would also be featured on fashion magazines if she was actually Melania Trump, who was a model in her former life. Some things, you just can’t emulate.

Scroll down for more response to the WaPo’s profile on Casey DeSantis, and who’s really pulling the stings on the “Deh-Santis” campaign…

Lady Macbeth vibes.

— Basque Country (@BasqVasco) June 19, 2023

This is a glaring problem of his campaign: An ambitious power couple more focused on fitting an image than on substance. It’s about spotlight and power, not noble visions.

He should have properly tended to Florida and sat it out one more time as they aren’t ready for prime time.

— Snard, Snord and Snid (@MoonChannelOne) June 19, 2023

Once you peel back one layer of awful with these two, you expose another layer more awful than the last. And so on, and so on… fingering Puddin cups and chopping off heads ain’t even the core of this world record breaking rubber band ball of ick.

— Jo🌻 (@JoJoFromJerz) June 19, 2023

They say “leave the first wives out of it.” Generally, I agree. But in the case of Casey DeSantis, who has been the driving force behind her husband’s extremist political aspirations, she’s fair game. Sorry.

— Meacham (@MeachamDr) June 19, 2023

Interesting to learn that until at least 23 years old Casey DeSantis went by her birth first name “Jill.”

Then she changed it, but she can’t understand changing pronouns.

— Kaivan Shroff (@KaivanShroff) June 18, 2023

Gavin Newsom trolled DeSantis by visiting Disneyland on Pride Nite. DeSantis responded by sitting in his Florida basement with a rifle and asking Casey to stay on the lookout for anyone who looked happy

— Paul Rudnick (@PaulRudnickNY) June 19, 2023

Casey DeSantis being compared to Jackie Kennedy is as uncomfortable as remembering RFK Jr. actually is a Kennedy.

— Dr. Cosmopolitan ?????? Save Democracy??? (@hotdiggityDR) June 19, 2023

They are both pathetic

She’ll be packing boxes again, but not for a move to the White House


— Uhh-Merica (@uhh_merica) June 19, 2023

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