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Queerty: On Juneteenth, travel with Colman Domingo to the places where he found his voice as a Black, gay artist

Colman Domingo is a modern Renaissance man.

Actor, writer, director, producer, gifted comedic performer (he was part of the cast of Logo’s Big Gay Sketch Show), expert mixologist and brunch host—there’s not much the Emmy Award-winning, Tony and Olivier-nominated man can’t do.

Despite all of his accomplishments thus far, it feels like Domingo is just getting started—at 53 no less! This year will see the premiere of two of his buzziest projects yet: Rustin, the Netflix biopic of esteemed gay civil rights activist Bayard Rustin, and The Color Purple, the screen adaptation of the lauded musical.

But, before the next phase of his career takes off, Domingo is looking back—back to his roots as an artist, creator, performer, and advocate—back to the places that helped him find his voice as a Black gay man.

The new AMC miniseries You Are Here is part travel series, part memoir, letting audiences follow along with Domingo as he celebrates the people and places that define his life.

And—lucky us—Domingo narrates the whole thing in that gorgeous voice of his. (Which, funny enough, can also be heard in theaters right now, where he lends his pipes to the villain of Transformers: Rise Of The Beasts.)

Across four episodes, he’ll return to his hometown of Philadelphia, PA, and also visit Savannah, GA, Chicago, IL, and New York City, NY. Along the way, he’ll connect with friends old and new, share a few drinks, have plenty of laughs, and get “deep, funky, and more than a little weird.”


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If Colman Domingo isn’t already considered a household name, he’s about to be.

Fittingly, the first two episodes of You Are Here premiere tonight, on Juneteenth. In the actor’s own words, the holiday—commemorating the emancipation of African American people across the country—is a celebration of “from whence we came,” which is exactly what he set out to do with this series.

Episodes 3 and 4 of You Are Here are set to premiere on June 30, and then entire series will begin streaming via AMC+ on August 8.

Check out the trailer for the series below:


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