Gay Links – All Posts: U.S. Open telecast leaves Paul Azinger under a fan-driven bus

U.S. Open, Paul Azinger
Photo by Ben Jared/PGA TOUR via Getty Images

Fans watching the U.S. Open are ready to put the broadcast on mute as Paul Azinger’s commentary makes people want to pull out their hair.

NBC’s Paul Azinger has the attention of golf fans on this championship Sunday at the U.S. Open, but not for the right reasons. He is trending on Twitter because many people find his commentary hard to tolerate.

Azinger has been on the broadcast team for years, but this week at Los Angeles Country Club, so many more people are paying attention to what he has to say. None of these reactions are positive, but they are pretty funny.

It’s early into Sunday’s coverage, but the golf fans have had it and are ready to bump Azinger off the air.

Azinger: “You know, Dan, they call it the marine layer because it’s wet, like the ocean. Last time I was in the ocean, I caught a sea lion on some spinner bait. Tasted awful. I won’t be going back to the ocean anytime soon, I’ll tell you that.”

Hicks: “While we were away…”

— ANTIFAldo (@ANTIFAldo) June 18, 2023

Paul Azinger sucks in the booth. Talking about how important it is that Wyndham Rewards Clark is sticking to his fade which is important because faders usually do better at US Opens when this course favors people that draw the ball…. Just no intelligent insight

— Patrick Ward (@patward28) June 18, 2023

Tommy Fleetwood shoots at 63 and Paul Azinger calls it heart breaking and disappointing, get this guy out of here please

— invisalign box muncher (@NoMyNameIsPot) June 18, 2023

Shooting a 63 is incredible, and while it could have been a 62, Tommy Fleetwood still did something remarkable. He became the first man ever to record a 63 at a U.S. Open twice. Calling it heartbreaking and disappointing is a bit of a stretch.

Christ almighty Paul Azinger is about as exciting as a rock. Brings absolutely nothing to this telecast. #USOpen2023

— You serious, Clark? (@ParlayPropDrop) June 18, 2023

Paul Azinger is intolerable. How did we get stuck with this guy?#USOpen

— Josh Neal (@JoshLNeal) June 18, 2023

Azinger: “This is a horrible lie and worst on the golf course. (Player starts his backswing, Azinger still talking). And he takes a big swing and now watch this ball roll (we are!) and now it rolls to 1 ft. What an amazing shot. Look at how he did that….blah blah”.

— Psu87 (@Lions09) June 18, 2023

Wishing Ricky Fowler all the best. It’s your time. As long as Paul Azinger does not speak it will be sweet! @usopengolf @rickyfowlerpga #USOpenGolf2023

— Ken Love (@bbfd27) June 18, 2023

At this point, fans are going to start drinking games just to tolerate listening to Azinger on the broadcast. The 1993 PGA Championship winner has a lengthy resume, but it doesn’t correlate well with the masses on air.

Azinger isn’t the play-by-play announcer but the color analyst, so he shouldn’t talk as much as he does.

He has annoyed fans in the past but this week at the U.S. Open has seemed to get the attention of too many people.

All this complaining probably won’t matter or change the broadcast team. But at least these golf fans can vent on Twitter while waiting for the 123rd U.S. Open to crown its next champion.

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