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Towleroad Gay News: ‘Symbol of Aggression’: Marjorie Taylor Greene Condemns Rainbow Pride Flag

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GOP House Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene condemned the Pride flag this week and dubbed the rainbow flag a “symbol of aggression,” has learned.

The controversial congresswoman’s contentious remarks came on Monday as she posted a scathing rant about gay and trans rights on Twitter amid this year’s Pride Month.

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According to Greene, the rainbow Pride flag is not only a “symbol of aggression” but the entire Pride movement is allegedly pushing an “evil, perverted, and hyper-sexualized agenda” that “must end.”

“The pride movement is not about rights for gay people anymore,” she tweeted on Monday. “Every American has equal rights.”

“[The Pride flag] has become a symbol of aggression that should be concerning to all Americans,” Greene continued. “This is an evil, perverted, and hyper-sexualized agenda that is targeting kids and it must end!”

Meanwhile, Greene also posted a clip of her recent appearance on The Charlie Kirk Show – a right-wing radio show hosted by 29-year-old Turning Point USA president Charlie Kirk.

During the episode, both Greene and Kirk fumed over the fact that a Pride flag was hung alongside the American flag at a Marriott-owned hotel where the Turning Point USA founder held a recent summit where Greene appeared as a guest speaker.

“You can’t say things like this, and I’m going to say it,” Greene said at the Turning Point USA Young Women’s Leadership Summit. “I just drove up today here at the Gaylord and I saw three flags.”

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“And one of the flags, which is just as big as the other ones — the United States flag, the Texas flag — was the rainbow flag. Shame on them!” she continued. “Shame on them for hanging that flag out there. Because it shouldn’t be about what people do sexually that causes us to hang a flag somewhere.”

“The only flags that should be hung are the United States flag — and it’s big and beautiful in the back of this room — and a state flag,” Greene concluded. “So, shame on the Gaylord!”

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Then, on Kirk’s radio show, Greene continued to slam the Pride movement, the Pride flag, and the Biden Administration’s decision to hang a Pride flag outside the White House alongside the American flag to commemorate this year’s Pride Month.

“Absolutely, I called them out because the Pride movement is not about rights for gay people anymore, that’s been totally determined for a very long time,” the MAGA congresswoman raved.

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“Every single American has equal rights,” she continued. “The equal right to vote, the equal right to buy a home, to have a job if they qualify for job qualifications, get an education, and so much more in America.”

“But that flag that you’re showing there, that the White House and Joe Biden prominently displays as more important that the United States American flag, has become a symbol of aggression,” she repeated. “It’s an aggression in a type of form that should be concerning to all Americans, and it is to most Americans.”

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