Gay Links – All Posts: Patrick Mahomes had the perfect comeback for Ja’Marr Chase adding fuel to Chiefs-Bengals rivalry

Ja’Marr Chase has jokes, but Patrick Mahomes has the last laugh

Rivalries are great for sport.

Think CelticsLakers. Bears-Packers. Ohio State-Michigan. Duke-North Carolina. Alabama-Auburn. YankeesRed Sox. Real MadridFC Barcelona. When two teams lock horns over the years — often with titles and glory on the line — great things can happen.

Something like that seems to be brewing between the Kansas City Chiefs and the Cincinnati Bengals.

The two teams have met in the past two AFC Championship games, with the Bengals winning two seasons ago, and the Chiefs getting the better end of things last year. And with both teams poised to make another playoff run this upcoming season — and slated to meet in Week 17 on New Year’s Eve — there is every chance this rivalry will continue to bloom.

If you needed further proof that this rivalry is growing, consider this week.

It began innocently enough, when Bengals quarterback Joe Burrow was asked during a press conference who the best quarterback in the NFL was. Without hesitation, Burrow pointed to Patrick Mahomes:

Burrow says Mahomes is the best QB in the NFL right now:

(via @Bengals)

— Ari Meirov (@AriMeirov) June 13, 2023

However, Burrow’s teammate Ja’Marr Chase had a different answer when asked the same question:

Thank you.

— Bobby Stroupe (@bobbystroupe) June 14, 2023

“Pat who?”

Was this just a playful jab at Mahomes? A wide receiver backing up his quarterback? Something completely innocent during June months before the season begins? Perhaps it was all of the above.

But whatever it was, someone was certainly paying attention.


Because the Chiefs received their Super Bowl rings on Thursday night, and Mahomes took to social media to display his two Super Bowl rings, along with a little jab of his own:

That’s Who

— Patrick Mahomes II (@PatrickMahomes) June 16, 2023

Just a reminder, these two teams are slated to meet in Week 17, at 4:25 Eastern on New Year’s Eve.

You might want to schedule your New Year’s Eve plans for later that night, so you can tune in. Something tells me this is going to be a must-watch game in Week 17.

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