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Queerty: ‘A-List: Dallas’ star says accusations of stealing money from gay men cost him his volunteer softball coaching career

mug shot of James Doyle

Once upon a time there was a gay reality show about a toxic group of self-proclaimed “A-Listers” in Dallas Texas, navigating friendship in the Lone Star state. The A-List: Dallas became a water cooler topic back in 2011, which only ran for one season, mostly as a show people loved to hate.

So it may not come as a surprise that one of its cast members might possibly have proven himself to be a pretty awful person IRL.

James Doyle seemed a bit like the Austin Armacost from the previous incarnation of the show, The A-List: New York, with an entitled attitude, a drink in hand, and lots of drama. Although several in the cast were plagued with various law-related incidents after the show ended, we wouldn’t have predicted things would turn quite so dark for James.

Oklahoma’s KFOR News 4 reports that several victims say they were befriended by Doyle on Tinder, only to be be manipulated into sending him money, with payments ranging from $1,200 to $20,000 over several years.

One victim stated he was coerced into sending money because Doyle told him he was “stuck in an abusive relationship”, and desperately needed help. “[Doyle] is like, ‘I just literally do not have the money to put gas in my tank and drive so I can leave this place,’” he claims.

It is also reported that Doyle, at one point, told the alleged victim, “I have never been this hungry in my life”, in order to emotionally manipulate him into sending more cash.

The man tells KFOR he knows of at least eight other guys who have reportedly lost thousands of dollars to Doyle, also stating that he had himself given him a total of $4,500.

“It was the same song and dance of I’ll give you your money back. I just I need to wait for this check to clear, blah blah,” he added.

When the alleged victim, who chose to remain anonymous, threatened to take Doyle to small claims court to force him to repay the $4,100 loan, he claims Doyle threatened to make up sexual assault charges against him.

Another victim, who says he was convinced to send Doyle $20,000, released a chilling statement to News 4, saying: “It is with an abundance of caution that I am releasing this anonymous statement. James Doyle has frequently used tactics of instilling fear, shame, and retaliation to silence not only me but others.”

The statement continued, “James Doyle preys on vulnerable individuals who are going through the darkest times of their lives. James uses his divorce sob story to ‘borrow’ thousands of dollars from individuals with little to no repayment. I want anyone who searches ‘James Doyle’ to see beyond his good looks and recognize him for what he truly is—a con artist who needs to be held accountable for his actions.”


According to KFOR, Doyle is also accused of defrauding the City National Bank in Oklahoma City 21 times, including eight ATM withdrawals and associated ATM fees. He tells the station he is “aware of everything” and is hoping to make amends. He also claims the situation has “destroyed” as career as a volunteer softball coach and will likely need “months and months of therapy” to get through this difficult time in his life.

“A story about my incredibly rough year last year would not only destroy my softball coaching (volunteer) but also my career I have finally managed to get going after divorce,” he said in a text message. “I know you are not on my side with the story, but just wanted to send you a message and let you know something like this is going to destroy months and months of therapy I have put myself through. But not your issue.”

The first line of The A-List: Dallas trailer states, “Dallas is defined by wealth and power.” It sounds as though one of its cast mates couldn’t get enough.

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