Gay Links – All Posts: Oakland A’s fans’ ‘reverse boycott’ was actually genius

MLB: Tampa Bay Rays at Oakland Athletics
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Oakland A’s fans gave ultimate middle finger to ownership with perfect ‘reverse boycott’

The Oakland Athletics are in the middle of what might be the saddest relocation plan in modern sports. Owner John Fisher wants to move the team to Las Vegas, and by 2027 the team wants to be playing in the Sin City, per CBS Sports. The Nevada State Senate approved a new stadium for the A’s, a $380 million project that might not even have everyone fully on board. The A’s ownership knows that they don’t want to be in Oakland past their lease expiration in 2024, and their blatant quitting on the city of Oakland and its local fans sparked outrage from the supporters.

So what did they do? They boycotted—actually, they Reverse Boycotted. In protest of the ownership, over 27K fans filed into Oakland Coliseum for the A’s game against the Tampa Bay Rays, on the same day that the Nevada Senate approved the new ballpark project. The exact total of fans in attendance? 27,759, over triple the average home game attendance this season.

The “reverse boycott” at last night’s @Athletics game drew the largest crowd of the year to the Coliseum (27.7k).

This is more than triple their average home game attendance this season.

(via @BenRossTweets)

— Sports Business Journal (@SBJ) June 14, 2023

Fans gathered hours before gates opened in protest of Fisher and his quitting on the city. Clad in shirts that said “SELL,” A’s fans made their voices heard before the game. Fans raised $30,000 for the efforts, and 7,000 “SELL” shirts were given out among the masses.

Powerful stuff right here.

Huge thank you to Oakland fans for welcoming me with open arms tonight.

Make sure to follow @CBSSports on TikTok to see all of the scenes from the reverse boycott.

— Danny Vietti (@DannyVietti) June 14, 2023

During the game, there would be moments of planned silence during stretches of the game, followed by loud chants of “SELL THE TEAM,” “STAY IN OAKLAND,” and other chants during the game. Listen to this video and tell me you don’t feel a sense of pride. That crowd was LOUD with the chants, and it was perfect.

Listen to the difference between the deafening (planned) silence to the eruption of “Sell the Team” chants.

ONLY in Oakland.#Athletics #RootedInOakland #OAKtogether

— Uprooted (@uprootedoakland) June 14, 2023

The A’s pitcher couldn’t hear on the pitch communicator because of how loud the crowd was. That’s powerful work. People were still trying to get into the park during the ninth inning, to support the Reverse Boycott.

On top of that, the A’s defeated the Rays 2-1 to extend their winning streak to seven games. As the game came to a close, the crowd erupted, a show of support and passion from a fanbase that has always cared about this team, more than the ownership ever did.

The largest #Athletics crowd of the year erupts as Oakland wins its MLB-best seventh-straight game over the Rays.

An incredible night at the Coliseum gets a happy ending.

The reverse boycott was memorable, that’s for sure.

— Frankie Cartoscelli (@FCartoscelli3) June 14, 2023

The reverse boycott even got a shoutout on the Tampa Bay Rays television broadcast, a cool moment explaining the reverse boycott.

Reverse Boycott gets play on Rays Broadcast

— Quetzalcoatl Cortes (@QCortes) June 14, 2023

A’s fans deserve the Oakland Athletics, they don’t deserve their crappy ownership though. The showing in the reverse boycott proved that the city of Oakland and their fanbase cares about the team, and the A’s would be a lot better off staying in Oakland.

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