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Queerty: LISTEN: Madonna’s greatest hit… that she never actually released

In just a few weeks, Madonna will embark on her highly-anticipated Celebration Tour, visiting cities across North America and Europe and highlighting some of her biggest singles over the last four decades.

The tour’s title comes from her third greatest hits album, Celebration, released in 2009. The compilation featured 34 songs spanning the singer’s entire career, plus three new tracks: the lead single “Celebration,” “Revolver” featuring Lil’ Wayne, and a remix of “It’s So Cool,” which was originally recorded during Madonna’s American Life sessions.

A fourth song was also recorded but didn’t make the final cut.

“Broken (I’m Sorry)” is a three-and-a-half-minute club track written and produced by Madonna and long-time collaborator Paul Oakenfold, along with songwriters Ciarin Gribbin and Ian Green, who also worked with her on the single “Celebration.”

Recorded in early 2009, shortly after her split with Guy Ritchie, Madonna looks back on a failed romantic relationship with both anger and sadness, singing over pulsating synthesizers and a hard, unrelenting dance beat, “Don’t you feel sorry for me/’Cause I’m right where the universe wants me to be/A lesson that I needed to learn/But that doesn’t mean that it doesn’t burn.”

“No pain, no gain, no defective parts/No dirty business, no forgiveness, no broken heart.”


Why the song was excluded from Celebration remains a mystery, although it’s likely her record label, Warner Bros., swapped it out for the Lil’ Wayne track in a bid for more radio airplay. (“Revolver” would go on to be Madonna’s final single release with the label, which had been her record company since 1982, and would peak at #4 on Billboard’s Hot Dance Club Songs chart. Not a bad parting gift, if you ask us!)

In 2012, Madonna finally released “Broken (I’m Sorry)”… sorta. A very limited edition vinyl record was sent to premium members of her official fanclub, ICON, after a two year wait. (Members were originally promised the record in 2010.) The pink vinyl included a seven-minute extended mix and an instrumental version, and the cover art featured an outtake from her Hard Candy photoshoot.

Today, “Broken (I’m Sorry)” is only available online in bootleg form, and copies of the highly sought-after limited edition vinyl sell for as much as $1500 on Ebay. While it seems unlikely Madonna will include the song on her Celebration Tour this summer, we could see her re-releasing the vinyl at some point.

In recent years, she has issued several special releases on vinyl, including a 40th anniversary edition of her first single “Everybody”, a five-track maxi EP celebrating the 35th anniversary of her film Who’s That Girl, and, most recently, a 20th anniversary remix edition of her album American Life.

Now, listen to the seven-minute extended version of “Broken (I’m Sorry)”.

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