Gay Links – All Posts: Jeremy Clarkson makes good on his Monaco Grand Prix promise to Alpine

The Top Gear host paid a visit to Alpine’s factory Monday and did not come empty-handed

A Top Gear host always pays his Formula 1 debts.

We should explain.

One of the biggest storylines from the Monaco Grand Prix this season — beyond Max Verstappen winning and more heartbreak for hometown hero Charles Leclerc — was the stunning third-place finish from Alpine driver Esteban Ocon. It was the first podium of the season for both Ocon and Alpine, and it was Ocon’s first podium since his surprise win in the 2021 Hungarian Grand Prix.

As Ocon closed in on his third-place finish, Top Gear host Jeremy Clarkson took to social media with a promise:

Come on @AlpineF1Team I’ll buy you all a pint if you get a podium here.

— Jeremy Clarkson (@JeremyClarkson) May 28, 2023

Well on Monday, it was time for Clarkson to pay up. The Top Gear host arrived at Alpine’s Enstone factory on his massive Lamborghini tractor, and with a trailer full of his own Hawkstone Beer at the ready:

Just your average Monday at Enstone #Alpine

— BWT Alpine F1 Team (@AlpineF1Team) June 12, 2023

he wouldn’t deliver on his Tweet to buy 1,000 beers. And that he wouldn’t turn up on his tractor. All we know is, he’s called @JeremyClarkson! #Alpine

— BWT Alpine F1 Team (@AlpineF1Team) June 12, 2023

Clarkson launched Hawkstone back in 2021, shortly after the host purchased a farm in Chipping Norton, which is located near Alpine’s factory in Enstone. Clarkson renamed the farm Diddly Squat Farm shortly after the purchase.

The farm was the subject of an Amazon show, Clarkson’s Farm, which debuted in 2021 and followed his journey running the 1,000-acre farm.

But on Monday, it was all about Alpine, and Clarkson making good on his promise:

What a day #Alpine

— BWT Alpine F1 Team (@AlpineF1Team) June 12, 2023

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