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Queerty: This adorable gaymer loves ‘Zelda’, ‘Cyberpunk’, and taking amazing shirtless selfies

Tears of the Kingdom gaymer Tristan Hall applying his exploration skills at Mirador De Salento in Colombia.‘Tears of the Kingdom’ fan Tristan Hall applying his exploration skills at Mirador De Salento in Colombia.

In our modern polyamorous queer culture, juggling multiple love interests is becoming more common. For Detroit-based software engineer Tristan Hall, this embrace of multiple loves applies to his current gayming, specifically juggling between the recently released Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom and Cyberpunk: 2077.

“Currently, I’ve been obsessed with Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom, and I just started on Cyberpunk: 2077 before TotK was released,” Tristan told us in a recent Facebook conversation. “I love both games for their beautiful visuals and open-world maps, but they each have unique aspects I appreciate.”

As a sequel to the iconic Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, Tristan’s attraction to TotK is an organic reaction to his experience with the previous game.

Tristan Hall

“I loved playing Breath of the Wild, and I’ve been excited about Tears of the Kingdom ever since it was announced. The gameplay feels whimsical to me and it encourages exploration without being overbearingly challenging.”

It’s worth noting that as an software engineer, a profession that relies on innovation, Tristan gravitates toward TofK‘s inclusion of fusing.

“One aspect of Tears of the Kingdom that blew me away is the ability to fuse materials,” Tristan continued. “This power lets you build machines that have their own unique physics and it balloons the number of possibilities for solving puzzles throughout the game.”

As an avid world traveler, another key component of the game that resonates with Tristan is exploration.

Tristan  exploring Emory Peak in Texas.Tristan exploring Emory Peak in Texas.

“From the beginning, I enjoyed the new sky region (Sky Islands) and experiencing the challenge of finding new ways to explore this area. Even more amazing was discovering the entire underground region (The Depths) that practically doubles the size of the entire world.”

This love of exploration carries over into his love of Cyberpunk: 2077.

“I still have quite a bit more to explore with Cyberpunk: 2077, but so far I’ve really enjoyed how much freedom I have with how my character interacts with the world. Cyberpunk’s map has a lot to explore, just like TotK, but there’s so much more depth to build out in your character alone.”

Most importantly, as an openly gay video game enthusiast, Cyberpunk lets Tristan infuse his gameplay with his own sexual identity.

“There are so many options to customize your appearance. The dialogue is more complex and it’s a fun challenge to figure out the right thing to say or react fast enough to pick the correct response. There are also opportunities to steer the plot toward a queer romance, and I love when games provide this degree of control in the character’s relationships, even if it’s not a focal point of the story.”

With so much to love about both these games, you can see why it’s hard to commit to just one.

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