Gay Links – All Posts: Conor McGregor hit sent Heat mascot to emergency room in skit gone wrong

2023 NBA Finals - Denver Nuggets v Miami Heat
Photo by Joe Murphy/NBAE via Getty Images

Conor McGregor took his NBA Finals skit way too far

Things are not going well for the Miami Heat.

Miami lost Game 4 of the NBA Finals 108-95 to the Denver Nuggets at home on Friday night, dropping their second-straight game in the friendly confines of the Kaseya Center. Miami trails 3-1 in the series after the loss. Now the Heat face a trip back to Denver, where the Nuggets have a chance to close out the Finals at home.

Making matters worse, if the Heat somehow win Game 5 to get a chance to play one more game at home, they might be without their mascot, Burnie.

Thanks to Conor McGregor.

During a skit on Friday night, where McGregor was promoting his pain relief spray, Burnie donned some oversized boxing gloves and squared off with McGregor at half court during the third quarter. Two left hooks later, Burnie was down, and definitely out:

Conor McGregor just knocked out Burnie

— Dan Le Batard Show with Stugotz (@LeBatardShow) June 10, 2023

Maybe that second shot is where it all went wrong?

While Burnie lay on the floor, the skit ended with people tending to the mascot, and McGregor himself spraying his pain relief spray on the mascot as he was dragged off the court.

However, he was then taken to the hospital. According to a report from The Athletic, the man inside the costume was taken to a nearby hospital and given pain medication, before being discharged to home.

Whether he gets a chance to return to the court this season might be up to his doctors, and the Heat themselves, in Game 5.

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