Gay Links – All Posts: Charles Leclerc, Tom Brady and LeBron James all on site at the 24 Hours of Le Mans

Leclerc is among many celebrities, such as LeBron James and Tom Brady at Le Mans this weekend

The 24 Hours of Le Mans is just about to get underway, and for the first time in years, Ferrari is back in the field. The legendary automaker has returned to Le Mans after a 50-year absence, and has not claimed victory in the historic endurance race since 1966.

However, having locked out the front row in qualifying, there is a very good chance that Ferrari can secure one of motorsports Triple Crown events this weekend.

On site to show his support for Ferrari? None other than one of their F1 drivers, Charles Leclerc. The Ferrari F1 driver was spotted working his way through the grid:

️ Formula One Ferrari driver @Charles_Leclerc is here ❤️ #LeMans24 #LeMansCentenary

— 24 Hours of Le Mans (@24hoursoflemans) June 10, 2023

One of Ferrari’s drivers, Antonio Giovinazzi, is a former F1 driver and currently holds reserve roles with a number of teams, including Haas, Alfa Romeo, and Ferrari themselves.

Leclerc also recorded a quick video of support:

“we are one family and i hope ferrari will come out on top”

❤️#LeMans24 #Ferrari #Leclerc

— chichi – it’s Le Mans day ️| 16 (@charles_lefast) June 10, 2023

“We are one family and i hope ferrari will come out on top this weekend.”

Leclerc was also spotted with one of the many celebrities on site for the greatest endurance test in motorsport:

this photo is like: the biggest celebrity to ever exist and charles leclerc

— clara (@leclercsletters) June 10, 2023

Speaking of celebrities, on site as the official starter today is none other than LeBron James. Or, as his new name might be, LeMans James:

@KingJames #LeMans24 #LeMansCentenary

— 24 Hours of Le Mans (@24hoursoflemans) June 10, 2023

Also on site? Tom Brady:

Tom Brady is also at Le Mans today!

Truly the #WeekendOfChampions #LeMans24 | @TomBrady

— Eurosport (@eurosport) June 10, 2023

Having reiterated yet again that he is not returning to the football field, could Brady be thinking about a new sport?

Probably not, but you never know.

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