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Towleroad Gay News: 40 Moments From the Original ‘Sex and the City’ Series That Live Rent-Free in Our Heads

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Season 1, Episode 1: “Sex and the City” Carrie and Mr. Big meet cute when she spills her purse of condoms on the sidewalk. Later, a lusty Samantha compares Big to “a young Donald Trump.” Throwback! Season 1, Episode 3: “Bay of Married Pigs” Samantha shrieks “Big pepper mill dick!” at a boring couples’ party and flashes Charlotte’s Irish doorman on Fifth Avenue in La Perla and a trench coat. All we can say is, we really like Sam when she’s drunk. Season 1, Episode 4: “Valley of the Twenty-something Guys” Charlotte’s confession that “I don’t want to be Mrs. Up the Butt!” causes Carrie to call a …

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