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Queerty: His phone’s autocomplete just read him for filth & put his sexual proclivities on blast

Surprised man reacting to phone

Sometimes autocomplete knows us a little too well, as one Reddit user found out recently.

In a screenshot of this Reddit user’s text messages, he says good morning to a “handsome” contact in his phone.

“Morning, stud,” the friend replies. “How’s the day so far?”

And the Redditor writes: “Just finished cleaning up after b–”

When the Redditor typed in that “b,” though, his phone’s autocomplete—or predictive text, if we’re being specific—suggested “bottoming.”

Wow,” this user wrote on Reddit, captioning the screenshot as he posted it to the r/gay subreddit. “Thanks, phone, you judgey skank. It was ‘breakfast,’ just so you know.”

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But as commenters pointed out, autocomplete recommends words—and combinations of words—that a user types frequently.

“Had to turn off word suggestions because of this,” one commenter added. “You never know when someone’s going to ask if they can type something on your phone.”

But another commenter struck a more defiant note, writing, “I’m done with hiding. Let them know.”

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At least this particular Redditor was alone with his phone’s autocomplete. Unluckier fellas have had their browsing activity laid bare by autocomplete technology.

“Guys talk about how they panic when their parents type ‘P’ in the Google search bar on their computer. That’s only for straight guys,” one Redditor wrote in 2019. “For us, it’s ‘G.’”

“It has [happened] to me,” another person replied at the time. “My cousin was searching for ‘games’ and saw a myriad of gay porn.”

And a third Redditor revealed that autocomplete suggested the XXX website Pornhub upon a “P” keypress.

“Certainly got an interesting convo started with my wife!” that user wrote.

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