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Queerty: PHOTOS: 18 sexy images that prove why Luke Evans needs his own action franchise ASAP

Luke EvansLuke Evans (Photo: Shutterstock)

There’s been chatter about who the next James Bond might be. One actor linked to the role is Luke Evans.

Now aged 44, Evans is perhaps in the upper age range to play the iconic spy (although Roger Moore was 45 when he first played Bond in Live and Let Die). It’s something Evans himself is aware of. In recent interviews, he’s sought to play down the possibility of landing the job.

Whether he plays Bond or not, as an actor, Evans remains much in demand. Born in Wales in 1979, he began his career on the London stage in shows such as Rent and Miss Saigon. He got his big break in movies in Clash Of The Titans (2010). Evans went on to appear in Immortals (2011), The Three Musketeers (2011), Fast & Furious 6 (2013), and the three Hobbit movies. He played Gaston in Disney’s live-action Beauty & The Beast and popped up in its more recent live-action Pinocchio.

Recent TV work includes The Pembrokeshire Murders, Nine Perfect Strangers, and Echo 3.

He’ll be seen next opposite Billy Porter in Our Son. The two men will play a divorcing couple wrangling over custody of their eight-year-old child. It premieres at this month’s Tribeca Film Festival in New York.

Alongside his acting, Evans has also carved out a successful career as a singer. His most recent album went top five in the UK.

Coming out

Evans first came out in an interview in 2002. Aged 23, he was appearing alongside Boy George in the musical, Taboo. However, after that, and perhaps with his eye on a career in Hollywood, he stopped talking about his sexuality, asserting a divide between his public and private life.

In recent years, he’s again been more open. In a 2020 interview with Attitude, he expressed frustration with accusations he ever hid his sexuality. He said he just valued keeping his relationships private.

“It was the last thing I had, because everything else I’ve given to the world,” he said of his guarded private life. “My career was public, I was photographed, and all that stuff. My personal life just became the last thing that I had. Also, what was strange was that when people did find out that I was gay, there was a lot of articles and stuff written saying that I was hiding it, and I wasn’t.”

“I just wanted to get online and I wanted to pick up the phone and say, ‘Do you realize I left home at 16 because I was gay?’ I went into the world as a kid, because I had to,”

Evans was raised an only child by parents who were devout Jehovah’s Witnesses. He left the religion when he left home.

We can’t help but feel that Evans has still not hit the career heights he deserves. If not Bond, he has the acting ability and physical skills to star in his own big-budget action franchise… and it’s something we’d love to see.

In fact, his Instagram could be an audition reel for such a role. Not to mention showing off his great body, his love of beach vacations, and equally sexy boyfriend, Fran Tomas.

Click through to see some examples of Luke – and his flawless physique – in action.


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