Gay Links – All Posts: Ryan Reynolds and Rob McElhenney make huge announcement for Wrexham

The effect of Ryan Reynolds and Rob McElhenney’s ownership of Wrexham has been incalculable. The small Welsh club has become an international household name since Reynolds and McElhenney announced their ownership in 2020, and now they’ve done something that hasn’t been done in the 158 year history of the club.

The Racecourse Ground, Wrexham’s 10,000 seat home, will have a corporate sponsor for the first time. When the team returns for the 2023 season they will officially be playing in the SToK Racecourse, with the owners announcing a new partnership with STōK Cold Brew Coffee.

This is one of the most pure examples of celebrity ownership done right. Reynolds and McElhenney came in and saved a small, struggling club — pumping unparalleled interest into Wrexham since their arrival. The documentary series Welcome to Wrexham is one of the most-watched sports series in the world, the team has become a dream destination for small players, and the team just won the National League, earning the team its first promotion in 15 years.

This is all capped off with a tour of the Unites States this summer, with friendly matches in California and North Carolina selling out, entirely due to the newfound popularity of the club.

Major sponsors is just the next step of Wrexham’s ascent, and we’ll wait to see how far this team can climb.

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